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Travel to Colombia useful tips and information

La Republic of Colombia is a state ofSouth America and it is the sixth country by extension and the fifth by population.

La Colombia it is bordered to the northwest by Panama, to the south by Ecuador e Perù e ad est da Brazil e Venezuela and it is the only South American country to overlook the two oceans that bathe the continent (north Atlantic Ocean, west Pacific Ocean).

Capital of Colombia

La capital of Colombia è Bogota which together with Medellin e Cali form the so-called golden triangle.

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Bogota is located at center of Colombia in the region known as the Bogota savanna, is the major economic and cultural center and is divided into 20 neighborhoods.

Colombia time zone

Colombia has seven hours less than Spain.

Colombia Map

How to get around Colombia

Moving to Colombia from and to major cities it is absolutely not a problem and it is not expensive either just think about the fact that 1 € equals about 3020 pesos.


  • Bogota - Cali: 45000 pesos (normally 12 hours, with autistic kamikaze 10 hours!).
  • Cali – Armenia: 15000 pesos, 4 hours.
  • Armenia - Medellin: 27000 pesos, 6 hours.
  • Medellin – Bucaramanga: 57000 pesos.
  • Bucaramanga – Cucuta: 25000 pesos, 6 hours.
  • Bucaramanga-Cartagena: 62000 pesos, 12 hours.
  • Cartagena – S. Marta: 17000 pesos, 4 hours.
  • S. Martha - Taganga: 800 pesos, 15 minutes (taxi 5000 pesos).
  • Santa Marta - Bogota: from 55000 to 90000 pesos, depending on the company, 12 hours.


In large cities they use the taximeter, so you don't have to bargain.

In small towns, on the other hand, there is no taximeter and therefore contracts.

Cost in the city: about 1-2 euros in the center, 3-4 euros for the suburbs.

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Where to stay in Colombia

Here are some Hotel where I sleep in Colombia:

  • BOGOTÀ: Hotel El Dorado, La Candelaria district (city center), carrera 4 n ° 15: 18000 pesos single, 25000 double, with bathroom, hot water and TV.
  • CALI: Guest House Iguana, calle 21: bed 14000 pesos, double room 20.000 pesos, with fan and shared bathroom.
  • SALENTO: Hosterìa Calle Real, Carrera 6: 25000 single, with bathroom, tv and fan.

  • MEDELLIN: Hotel Plaza, Parque Bolivar: 17000 pesos double room with bathroom, fan and TV.
  • BUCARAMANGA: Hotel Balmoral, carrera 21 n ° 34: double room 15000 pesos, with fan, TV, bathroom and hot water.
  • CUCUTA: Hotel Internacional, calle 14 n° 4: stanza doppia 15000 pesos, with ventilator and bagno in camera.
  • CARTAGENA: Hotel holiday, calle De La Media Luna n ° 10: 8000 pesos room with single bed and fan, shared bathroom.
  • TAGANGA: Casa Blanca, carrera 1 n ° 18 (in front of the beach): bed in a double room 15000 pesos, with fan and bathroom. Hot at will but great views.

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Colombia pictures and photos

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