Marseille: 5 things to see

What absolutely not to miss in Marseille, what to see even in a single day, which neighborhoods and museums not to miss in the French city.

One day is not enough to savor Marseille, a multiethnic and lively city, full of contrasts, which I recommend you discover simply by walking through its neighborhoods full of charm and history. One often arrives in Marseille by chance; as a quick stop on a tour in Provence, as the end point of an on the road on the French Riviera, or during a cruise on the Mediterranean. Instead, I chose it as a base for my summer trip and I have not regretted it, quite the contrary!

Here then 5 tips on what you just can't miss in the city of Marseille which is also the most important port in France.


The first thing to do when arriving in the city is stroll through the narrow streets timeless of this neighborhood, between palaces with soft colors, sea-colored windows full of flower pots, delightful squares.

The artisan shops in the neighborhood sell antiques, old records, objects and the inevitable Marseille soap, in every shape, color and scent your imagination can produce.

Old Port

It is undoubtedly the heart of the city. Animated at any time of day and night, it is a succession of bars and restaurants, many of which are ethnic. I recommend you wake up early to blend in with the authentic Marseillais around the stalls of the fish market held every morning right at the Old Port.

Right on the harbor I advise you not to miss the Mucem, which houses the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations; it is a fabulous structure of metal and glass, built on the sea, which preserves precious treasures, but above all offers a unique show on the city and its port.

Notre Dame de la Garde

Enjoying the wonderful view over the entire city from above is an absolutely experience unmissable. With its imposing dome and its rich and colorful interiors, the Basilica, protector of sailors, stands on a hill and is therefore visible from every corner of the city, so much so that it has become an undisputed symbol.

The creative district

This is the trendy district of the city. We leave behind the Marseille of the port, noisy, lively, crowded, sometimes raw, to immerse yourself in the colorful and lively atmosphere of Cors Julien and the creative district, with outdoor bars, murals, boutiques of young artists and tree-lined squares.

Le Canabière

The main artery of the city starts from the port and arrives at the Longchamp Palace which hosts among other things the interesting Fine Arts Museum.

Crossing Le Canabière you have the opportunity to come into contact with the different souls of the city, from the more properly French to the Arab one, which explodes in the Belsunce district and its markets full of spices, fabrics and colors.

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