Paris in 5 days

What to visit in Paris in 5 days. Useful tips and tricks.

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What to visit in Paris in 5 days

Paris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world and offers to tourists a myriad of attractions in short, there is plenty of choice.

With 5 days at your disposal you can see a lot in Paris, you can discover the mysterious sides of this incredible city, you can discover the Romantic Paris, artistic, elegant and seductive in short, a mix of emotions that will leave you speechless.

Let's find out now, according to our experience, what to see in Paris in 5 days:

Eiffel Tower

La Eiffel Tower is the first thing to see ever at Paris.

Entirely made of metal (18.038 pieces), the Eiffel Tower it is defined as one of the busiest monuments in the world as it attracts over 7 million visitors the year.

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Recall that after sunset, at the stroke of every hour, the Torre Eiffel with its 20.000 bulbs it starts flashing for about 5 minutes and will give you a more unique than rare sight.

Un advice we give you is to climb to the top of the tower and take a appetizer admiring the splendid landscape it offers Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Defined as the mysterious and elegant lady of Paris, the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral is a must during your vacation in this beautiful city.

La Notre Dame Cathedral is regarded as one of the best examples of gothic architecture present in Francia thanks to the balance of the buildings and the harmony of the decorations.


What person in the world who goes to Paris and does not go to admire the grandiose Gioconda?

Il Louvre hosts hundreds and hundreds of masterpieces that you can admire but not in a single day so we advise you to read up on the works and then see the most popular ones.

Verasilles Palace

Another milestone of yours Paris tour in 5 days is the majestic Verasill Palacees considered as one of the largest and most beautiful buildings in the world.

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Within the Rays of Versailles you will be able to admire and touch the royalty and splendor of a whim of the Sun King (Louis XIV) who suffered from delusions of grandeur.

Orsay Museum

Il Orsay Museum is located inside the old station of Orsay and was built in 1900 in honor of the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

This beautiful and fascinating structure was born in heart of Paris and hosts paintings of sacred monsters of painting such as Van Gogh, Gauguin, Manet e Many.

Catacombs of Paris

Le Paris catacombs form, with its 300 km of extension, the largest necropolis in the world and houses the remains of about 6 million people.

Known as l'ossuaire municipal (municipal ossuary), the Paris catacombs are formed by caves and gallery of an ancient quarry and a visit will certainly leave you speechless.

If you have some time left, we recommend that you do one walk to Montmartre where you can breathe, even today, the air of the past, in the fascinating Latin Quarter of Paris where you will find many local open both day and night and in the suggestive areas Champs Elysèes.

Paris it still has many things to see but these we have just talked about are in our opinion i places of greater historical and cultural interest and if you can take a ride on the Bateaux Mouches it wouldn't be a bad idea.

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