Visit to Graceland, the legendary home of Elvis Presley

Graceland is the legendary home of Elvis Presley, located in Memphis, Tennessee. It was bought by the king of Rock and Roll in 1957 when his artistic career was reaching very high levels.

This immense mansion already had the name of Graceland, given by its former owner. After buying the house it was readjusted to Elvis' extravagant tastes and needs. Once the restoration work was completed, the singer moved there with all his family, part of his collaborators and some friends.

In this huge colonial building of twenty rooms Elvis lived for twenty years until August 16, 1977, when ever here you die for a heart attack.

What is Graceland

Graceland is the second most visited private residence in the United States, after the White House. Opened to the public in 1982, it was classified "National Historic Monument"In 2006.

with over 600.000 visitors every year, the historic home of Elvis Presley is one of the most visited attractions in the US. If you are a lover of film tourism this is one of the best locations in America.

In particular on the day of August 16th, anniversary of the death of the King, but also the8st January date of his birth. During these 2 periods, there are dozens of special events such as concerts, film screenings and an Elvis Expo.

It is recommended to book well in advance for these 2 periods, event tickets sell out in a few days from the opening of sales.

What to see in Graceland

Visiting Graceland means seeing not just the famous Elvis house. In fact, you also have the opportunity to see hers personal aircraft, her car collections, a little history museum of his time in Las Vegas, and many shops and restaurants.

Since March 2017, Graceland has opened theElvis Presley’s Memphis, a brand new 200.000-square-foot entertainment complex featuring new museums, restaurants, gift shops, and more.

Graceland has become destination of a continuous pilgrimage of its fans, so much so that Americans consider it a kind of national monument.

Opening time

Graceland can be visited every day of the yearexcept on holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving

The classic opening time is from 9 in the morning to 16 in the afternoon. On some days, especially on holidays, the opening hours may change.

Before planning your visit to Graceland it is advisable check on the official website for timetables of opening

Prices Tickets & Packages

To pay a visit to Graceland, the legendary home of Elvis Presley, we are available various tickets and different packages.

Il basic ticket to visit the house is $ 39.75 per person, while the full package which includes the visit of all the spaces dedicated to Elvis is 150 $.

Graceland entrance ticket prices

Adult (19 to 61 years old) $ 39.75
Seniors (62 years and older) $ 35,80
Youth / Students (13 to 18 years) $ 35,80
Children (7 to 12 years) $ 19.00
Children (under 6 years) FREE
The surcharge for visiting Elvis' 2 personal planes is $ 5,00

Average travel time: 2 hours

Elvis Experience Tour package price

Adult (19 to 61 years old) $ 65.00
Seniors (62 years and older) $ 58,10
Youth / Students (13 to 18 years) $ 58,10
Children (7 to 12 years) $ 32.00
Children (under 6 years) FREE

Purchase the Elvis Experience Tour package in advance

Average tour duration: 3-4 hours

THEElvis Experience Tour and also available in Spanish and includes:

Graceland audio tour with presentation film

Experience in the Graceland Archives

Elvis Self-Guided Tour of Hawaii: Concerts, Movies and More!

Visit to Elvis' 2 personal planes

Tour autonomo di Elvis Discovery Exhibits

Full access to the state-of-the-art visitor entertainment complex

Self-guided tour of the automobile museum

Tour autonomo di The Entertainer Career Showcase Museum

Elvis Presley Graceland Tour VIP Package Price

Adult (7 to 99 years old) $ 93.00
Children (under 6 years) FREE

Average tour duration: 3 hours

Skip-the-Line Graceland Mansion Ticket with Self-Guided Tour

Self-guided tour of the Automobile Museum

Souvenir Backstage Pass

Self-guided tour of the Elvis photo exhibit

Self-guided tour of Elvis' Hawaii exhibit

Tour autoguidato di “That’s the way it is”: 45 anni in mostra (solo tour VIP)

Salfafila entrance to the residence

Visit to Elvis' 2 personal planes

Visit of the exhibitions, to discover Elvis

Full access to the state-of-the-art visitor entertainment complex

Admission to Elvis Museum: The Entertainer Career Showcase Museum

Purchase the Elvis Presley Graceland Tour VIP Package

Official website:

Graceland, la casa di Elvis Presley – Memphis, Tennessee –

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