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Valencia is a city that lends itself to many different types of activities. In Valencia it is possible to have fun with children, eat well and low cost and also do sports activities and attend events related to the world of sport.

You weren't the lucky ones who won the Gusta and Win contest Valencia? Rest assured, you'll soon have another chance, but in the meantime I'll give you some advice on what to do once in Valencia.

Thanks to its Mediterranean climate, with short, mild winters and hot, dry summers, it is possible to visit Valencia all year round and even if autumn threatens a few days of rain too much, it is impossible to resist the many proposals that the city offers.

Some examples?

If you have children with you

There are many things to do and see with children, but you can't miss the Bio Parc. Erase from your mind that sense of sadness that often accompanies the idea of ​​a zoo and get ready to become a child again as you pass by lions and giraffes free to move in their natural habitat. Don't be afraid: the protections, even if cleverly inserted into the landscape, are there! If you want even closer encounters with the animals, leave the Savannah and enter the area Madagascar: lemurs await you crouched in the trees right above your head!

From the Bio Parc, possibly by bicycle - we rented them from Do you bike because it has three different service points in the city, but the rental possibilities are many - explore all the beautiful Turia park - the biggest park of Spain made in the ancient bed of the river Turia and, if you can persuade the children to leave Gulliver - the monumental sculpture-game that dominates in the middle of the park, - reach the City of Arts and Sciences: here is theOceanografic where your journey among animals can continue. Among sharks, penguins, belugas and walruses do not forget to go through the two tunnels that cross the tanks: being surrounded by fish of all shapes and sizes is an interesting experience.

If you are sporty

Valencia is your city. Valencia is not famous, in fact, only for America’s Cup which took place here in 2007 and which led to a rethinking of the entire port area today full of restaurants and clubs, Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon - historic event that for over thirty years has crossed the city and which this year will have a wonderful ending: the athletes will in fact cross the finish line by literally running on the waters located in front of the Principe Felipe Museum - and one of the most beautiful stages of the World Championship. Both competitions take place in November, respectively on the 16th and the weekend of 8/9.

If you are a lover of good food

It is undeniable, in Spain you can eat well almost everywhere, but just think that Valencia has four restaurants awarded with a Michelin star to understand the value that the city attributes to the culture of food. And from 13 to 23 November, with Cuina oberta, eating well and experimenting with new cuisines is even cheaper: in more than 50 restaurants a special menu for € 20 for lunch and € 30 for dinner (€ 15 more in starred restaurants). A dispassionate advice? Book now!

Finally a tip on where to sleep. We have tried theSH Ingles Boutique Hotel: very central, easily reachable by public transport from the airport, with spacious rooms although not a huge hotel - indeed it is definitely a boutique hotel - and helpful staff.

You just have to book your flight!

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