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    Traveling to the hostel, beauty tips

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    Traveling on the road and in a hostel means traveling as a backpack, without too many comforts and without a trolley with all our beauty products inside that we usually use at home. But you can also use good products while traveling and even in the hostel.

    After ten days in the hostel wandering around Scotland, I understand a few things I'd like to share with you. Yes, the showers are there and they are closed, yes it is always better to bring slippers and no, there are no shampoo and shower gel, that's why you must always carry them with you.

    In Scotland I slept in some hostels that had the bathroom divided between men and women and showers apart but always divided, and hostels where not only the bathrooms were shared, but the showers were too, and they were very few, like two per floor. This means first of all that you have to have a lot of respect for others. One morning in Scotland I got up early, like at 6.30 to do everything calmly, take a shower, get dressed and prepare my backpack to leave for another Scottish stage.

    After going to the bathroom and getting ready to go into the shower, I forgot that I left my beauty products in the room. - "I left my pajamas and little else, like the brush and a hair clip inside the shower and I ran to my room. After 3 minutes on the clock, but really three minutes, I came back and my shower was busy and half of my clothes were on the floor.

    Now, you will imagine how I stayed there. I waited for my turn without saying a word, thinking it was my fault that I had left my things in a common space, yes, but that maybe the other person was also wrong to treat my clothes like that. This is just one of the examples, perhaps the one that most impressed me on how to manage life in the hostel, even from the beauty and shared bathroom side.

    After telling you about this experience, I move on to the interesting things. What I understood about life in a hostel is that the watchword here is “essentiality”. Especially if you are traveling backpack on your shoulder and not with a comfortable trolley, it is important to have a few but important and right things, especially for what concerns beauty. In mine they were few, very few things, I had the brush, the deodorant, the toothbrush and the toothpaste but above all I had the shower products. Here is what I brought and that I had with me, obviously all in mini packs, but which lasted for 10 days :)

    Mini-sizes from Biofficina Toscana, consisting of three 50ml bottles of active concentrated conditioner, body cleanser and mild shampoo. I also used samples from Dr. Bronner magic soap, with peppermint essential oil from the United States. What I want to underline, and which is linked to my initial speech on respect, is that all these products are organic and completely biodegradable.

    One last product that I haven't been able to use yet, at least not when traveling and not as I wanted, is the MOA the green Balm, consisting of a 50 ml conditioner and a bamboo fiber cloth. The kit is suitable for cleaning the face and removing make-up, but it is also possible to use it without a cloth in many other ways.

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