Travel hair dryer, low cost and light


    Traveling low cost often and willingly it happens to book hotels and b & bs that do not have a hairdryer in the room. A big flaw if women travel. Leaving aside men, at least those with short hair, women especially in winter and in cold countries find it a bit difficult to dry hair attached to the radiator :)

    Here then is a good advice for women and travelers who want to take their hair dryer on a trip without spending a fortune and without filling their luggage with this weight. Two products to travel well without weight and beauty problems.

    Babyliss Travel 5250, a travel hairdryer that will surprise you with all the convenience of a powerful hairdryer, in compact and foldable dimensions that allow you to always carry it with you. The Babyliss Travel 5250 hairdryer allows you to bend the handle compact size does not sacrifice the power and functionality of the hair dryer.

    Travel Remington D2400 allows professional drying even while traveling thanks to this small size hairdryer, perfect to keep in your suitcase or gym bag. It is equipped with a universal voltage system, which allows it to be used in almost part of the world. The price of both is around € 15.

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