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First of all, I invite you to view the post Beauty case general guide, where you can find "basic" advice that is valid for everyone. In this post, however, I will focus on indicating some product or type of product, methods of application and suggestions for those who have skin with particular problems such as hypersensitivity, dryness, dryness, dehydration, a type of skin often subject to redness. You will find other guides later, for other types of problems.

Much depends on the gravity of the situation. Taking up the outline of the general guide, let's go and see together how we can enrich it for our problem.

Face and eye contour moisturizer for hypersensitive skin:
despite having hypersensitive skin, you don't have to give up the convenience of a multipurpose cream. One of the most effective and delicate ingredients for sensitive skin is calendula, but also red fruits, chamomile and sugars, you can find several creams on the market with this type of ingredients and do not underestimate those for children, especially there is a Bottega Verde cream that with an excellent quality / price ratio guarantees you natural and effective ingredients, but also the convenience of the multipurpose. It is not a specific cream for the eye area but for the face and body of children, however it is so delicate that I highly doubt it will give you problems around the eyes.

If you do not find it suitable for the eyes, you can still use it for the face and body and bring with you a sample of eye contour cream. Being summer, I can only recommend something delicate, moisturizing, but also very fresh and easy to absorb: Planters' aloe eye cream gel is ideal, also for relaxing a red and tired eye area. In addition, Planters is normally generous with samples, just go to a parapharmacy where it is sold and explicitly ask for samples from this company, I'm sure they will satisfy you.
The very important Sun protection, a minimum of 50. You can mix it with your classic moisturizer or apply it first, the important thing is that you have it and that it is not too suffocating that leaves the white patina. I recommend the Equilibra one at an affordable cost.

Facial cleanser
The cleanser in question in your case should be moisturizing and when as nutritious as possible, to prevent it from drying out your skin. So say no to most supermarket cleaners alas, as they are almost all specific for combination-oily skin and would be too aggressive for you. Among the cheaper ones, I recommend the Nuvola Make-up Remover by Neve Cosmetics, used only as a cleanser because it's not a great make-up remover, and Deborah's mousse for sensitive skin. More expensive is the Carita Paris cleaner, however it is also easier to find samples by asking the dealers to give you a couple to try, they are usually very nice. You do not necessarily have to give up very cleansing products, you simply have to avoid something that attacks you, but remember that it is always important to detoxify the skin.

In this case it is necessarily a scrub and a mask together. Even if you have dry and sensitive skin, you don't necessarily have to avoid doing the scrub for fear of attacking it, just use the right ingredients. Among the cheaper ones I recommend the Nivea Light Peeling with peach extract as it contains shea butter among the first ingredients. On the moistened face, gently massage the product for two minutes, and then leave it on the face for about 5 minutes, even more if you have time, so that after eliminating the dead cells, the skin can nourish and soothe itself. Clearly also in this case you can make it yourself, combining the sachets of honey that you find here and there in bars and hotels with flour (instead of sugar, which I recommend for all other skins). The flour can be of any type but I highly recommend that of rice. Bring some with you in a jarrettina, a spoon will suffice, and you won't even have problems with liquids in your hand luggage. Same procedure, scrub and then leave the mixture on. Do this in the evening before going to sleep.

This is the product you can do without on vacation, but it can be useful in case of long stressful journeys. However, it is also the easiest product to make yourself. Just bring the chamomile to a boil, which has always been very calming, let it cool and put it in an empty spray container, it doesn't have to be very concentrated. I recommend a spray container because it is more convenient to simply spray the product on your face and let it dry. Normally it is the case to dip a cotton ball and wipe it on the face, but on vacation to do it sooner we can do a little more for less.

Emergency product:
or that product to rely on when you are in desperate conditions and all the care and consistency in the world is useless without a shock treatment. In this case, always considering that we are on vacation and that practicality is a must, I recommend the SOS concentrate from the Pupa multifunction line, you can use it for the face, for the body, as a pack, as a cream. You can add some to your regular products to make them more moisturizing. You can use it for the scrub I told you about earlier by mixing it with something exfoliating. Remember, however, that it is a very concentrated product, very little is enough, and if you do not have major dryness problems it could also be too much. If you have big space problems, bring with you instead a single mask, of those in sachets, they are very cheap and take up very little space, and once used you can safely throw away the package.

I recommend that you always keep in mind the other posts dedicated to skin and hair care even on the go, to complete your personalized travel beauty case in the best possible way: the important thing is that it is effective but also practical.

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