10 tips for a perfect suitcase

10 tips for a perfect suitcase
How to make a perfect suitcase? how to get space, separate shoes from underwear and travel without spending? Here are 10 tips for a more than perfect suitcase always.

As you well know, airlines impose strict rules on the weight and size of baggage, especially on strictly controlled hand baggage. How can you avoid jumping over the suitcase to be able to close it, especially on your return? How many of you happens in the "fateful" moment of preparing your suitcase?

On vacation you need to bring the bare minimum, how to do it? Here 10 tips to prepare a perfect suitcase:

10 tips for a perfect suitcase

1. The list

First thing prepare a list of all the things you want to bring and that are necessary for your vacation. The same list can be reused and recycled for your other trips in order to speed up the preparation of the suitcase. Prepare it a few days before and not the day itself, so that by passing a few hours you can add things, without the terror of time passing.

2. The leaders

Prefer comfortable garments with neutral colors to be able to combine them and wear them on more occasions. It is useless to wear that beautiful floral dress if it cannot be a versatile garment. Try to imagine clothes at given moments. Are they good for both day and evening when paired with another garment? It is always better to prefer garments that "are enough" on their own, without adding additional items.

10 tips for a perfect suitcase

3. Simple clothes

Scegliere simple and practical clothes like a pair of jeans, t-shirts, a shirt and more elegant trousers to wear during the evening. This is a fundamental point, especially in relation to the journey you are about to make. If you are going on a trip to attend a gala dinner, it is obvious that this advice does not apply, but if you are going to discover a city or a region, prefer classic and above all practical garments.

4. Flip flops and swimsuit

In the suitcase they must never miss the swimsuit it's a pair of flip flops rubber, this is because they are essential both for a beach holiday and for a holiday in the city or in the mountains to be worn in a hotel, in a spa or in a swimming pool. The costume takes up very little space and can solve a lot of problems. It has never happened to you to go to a hotel with an indoor pool or spa and say "if I had a swimsuit ...", that's it!

10 tips for a perfect suitcase

5. The shoes

The main object are the pair of shoes, which must be comfortable and resistant and possibly not new because they would be too stiff and could create blisters or bubbles in your feet. Essential for those traveling to cities of art or to the mountains. Prefer old shoes and those you just bought even if they are more beautiful. With your old shoes you will not have problems with bubbles that could give you the newest ones.

6. The accessories

As far as the accessories, a pair of glasses, a hat and a scarf must never be missing to shelter from the cold, especially from the air conditioning on board the plane, and if you are traveling to a Muslim country, to cover your head in religious places where necessary. Unless you are going to a really chic place, to wear earrings, prefer earrings to buy as a souvenir;)

10 tips for a perfect suitcase

7. Foldable bag

Another important item to keep in your suitcase is a folding bag where to put the souvenirs bought on vacation or where to put the laundry or dirty clothes. This is one of the things that is often forgotten at home. Now then there are many bags, which are also sold in coordinated sets, for shoes, underwear and intimate hygiene.

8. How to put the items in the suitcase?

There are some rules about too how to insert objects inside the suitcase. It starts with heavier objects such as shoes, and then gradually arranges on them the more delicate objects and clothes such as shirts. 9. Blank spaces

- empty spaces that remain inside the suitcase you can occupy them, as a "cushion" with linen, costumes, and other small items that are damaged with less difficulty. Or, if you have a lot of empty spaces left, leave them like this, you will need them on your return to put souvenirs or other items that you will have given yourself during the trip. And then you never know why, but the suitcase is always fuller on the way back than on the way out. So yes to the empty spaces!

10 tips for a perfect suitcase

10. Roll up the t-shirts

Finally, to be able to close as many clothes inside the suitcase, the t-shirt they can be stored rolled up, instead of stacking them one on top of the other, and insert them between one object and another like underwear and costumes. Rolling things up will seem strange to you at first, but as soon as you see how much less space they take up, you won't be able to do without them, I assure you!

These are small tricks that you can take into consideration to no longer have problems with your suitcase, try it for yourself.

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