Travel beauty case for combination skin

First of all, I invite you to view the post Beauty case general guide, where you can find some "basic" advice that is valid for everyone. In this post, however, I will focus on indicating some product or type of product, methods of application and suggestions for those with skin with particular problems such as hypersensitivity and at the same time excess sebum or dryness.

Very often those who have the sensitive but combination skin alas, he finds himself having to choose among very few products on the market, as it is often assumed that sensitive skin is also dry. In reality it is by no means such a frequent association. For this reason, in addition to showing you a more generic post on a type of beauty-case suitable for everyone, with general indications and easily adaptable to individual needs, I would like to recommend some product or method to take care of problematic skin, which tends to redden. , without worsening the excessive production of sebum.
Combination skins are very particular skins as on the one hand they have the characteristics of dry skin (usually cheeks and eye and lip contours), on the other those of oily skin (t area and temples). I speak in the plural because in reality the dry and oily areas can alternate and vary from person to person, under the term mixed skin in fact we find many types of skin, even very different from each other, but where there is basically always a contrast between dryness and excess sebum. The more the individual characteristics of the two parts are accentuated (dryness-acne), the more you will need not so much "products for combination skin" but even two kinds of products completely different from each other to be used on the individual parts of the face: anti-sebum products for the t-zone, more moisturizing products for the dry zone. So do not assume that only one type of cream or only one type of mask is fine, you also risk worsening one of the two parts.

What to do in these cases therefore: first of all we have to feel our skin, understand what it needs and in which areas. Combination skins are also very susceptible to the climate.

If yours is a combination skin without particular contrasts, opt for creams that are very balanced from the point of view of hydration and sebum control. The ideal are moisturizers that absorb immediately without greasing but at the same time are not too light.

If, on the other hand, yours is a skin mixed with particularly different areas, it is better to opt for equally different products.

Precisely for these characteristics, it is better to avoid creams suitable for both the face and the eye area (usually much drier than the rest of the face in these cases). Therefore, prefer more specific products.

Face moisturizer for combination skin


As for the dry area, all the suggestions I have already indicated in the post for dry skin are valid, with the only difference that you will have to use them only on dry areas and exclude the T zone. Among the best on the market there is the Sublime by Neve cosmetics which, despite being moisturizing, is easily absorbed. Sunscreen is very important in summer as exposure to rays could worsen skin dryness.

As for the T-zone, prefer light and mattifying creams, especially in summer. If you are also prone to pimples, you can use the Fissan paste to dry them in a very short time, thanks to the zinc oxide contained. I therefore recommend products that can be used in a very targeted rather than widespread way, so yes to tea tree oil, a disinfectant and astringent oil that we can apply directly where it is needed, no to facial masks all over the face.

Facial cleanser

Very useful in these cases is to have a detergent in mousse at hand as usually those in this formulation are excellent cleansers but at the same time they are extremely delicate. Tip the Make-up remover cloud by Neve Cosmetics for this I use, but Deborah also makes a great one.

Scrubs and masks

Masks are very important for combination skin as helping the skin stay hydrated also balances the oily areas as well as moisturizing the dry areas. Scrubs reduce them to the bone and prefer products that do a constant but very delicate peeling to a more aggressive and less frequent scrub. You can safely use sugar and honey (use single-dose sachets in order to reduce the quantity to the bone)


La chamomile it is an excellent ally for combination skin because it not only helps fight excess sebum but is also a good soothing so it is useful for calming redness. You can make your own homemade chamomile tonic by simply using an infusion (see guide for dry and dry skin) If you prefer to buy it, I recommend a moisturizing tonic rather than an astringent, consider that it is still an aqueous product so it does not necessarily have to be anti-sebum. I repeat that it is the product you can do without while traveling.

Emergency product

Those are worth for dry skin and oily skin already mentioned in the appropriate posts, to be used precisely in the areas that require its use, but better to focus on what can be used in a targeted manner. Usually the emergencies of combination skin concern either the appearance of many pimples in oily areas that can be solved with products such as zinc oxide and tea tree oil or the appearance of chapping and redness in dry ones that can be resolved instead with the addition of an oil or a butter in our usual cream.

I recommend that you also read the other posts dedicated to skin and hair care on low cost travel so that you can customize your travel beauty to the fullest, that is, so that it is effective and practical.

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