Sos Lips: protect them even while traveling

    Sos Lips: protect them even while traveling

    The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our face to be treated and moisturized constantly. It is very important to feed them even for those who do not wear makeup, as hydrated lips are not only beautiful to look at, but also above all healthy:constant hydration and protection they help a lot to avoid annoying cuts, cracks and bleeding that take a little time to go away and often force us to treat them with shock therapies that are often more expensive than a simple lip balm.

    With thermal changes while traveling, the lips usually tend to crack even more than usual for this reason it is very important to protect them, even for boys, because the problem of chapped lips is a very widespread speech that does not only concern the beauty of us damsels.

    Always keep a lip balm with you as much as possible natural possible, avoid everything that contains paraffin and mineral oils derived from petroleum, always read the inci before buying and remember that not always a good inci corresponds to a high price and vice versa. Often even in pharmacies you find this type of product almost useless and also at a high price. Thereparaffin does not hydrate, it only creates a layer of product that films the lips but which once gone will leave them exactly as you left them, dry and chapped. On the market there is no shortage of natural and very valid lip butters at very variable costs from equally various companies: from Erbolario to Equilibra, from Vivi Verde Coop to Yes to Carrots, from Lavera to my favorites, those of the Provençals who offer at a good price not only the quality of ingredients such assweet almond oil or shea butter, but also a certain amount of product decidedly higher than the average that should not be underestimated if we do not want to run out of burrolabbra when we least expect it.

    Whether you're tanning or climbing a mountain, for your mornings under the sun do not underestimate the importance of a spf: there are specific lip butters for the sun that contain a Spf that varies from a protection of 10 to 30, but many cosmetic companies have included a sun protection factor within the colored lip products, so as not to give up our color of favorite lipstick even under the sun: from Pupa to Collistar up to even cheaper ones like Kiko, of which I particularly recommend Glossy Stick which at a cost of € 4,90 offer a lasting and protective gloss effect with the convenience of stick application and extremely ergonomic packaging, very useful factors also for the problem of liquids in hand luggage. The range of colors is very wide and the pigmentation changes from gloss to gloss, you can also find a color blue which on the lips is almost completely transparent but helps us to make the teeth appear a little whiter;)

    The extra tip: mix a little sugar (use the sugar sachets you find in the various bars you will find on the road) and the final part of your leftover lip butter, that part of the product that you can no longer use because it is inside the package and that we often throw away, and thus create one DIY lip scrub which will have nothing to envy to those on the market. Rub the product on your lips for about two minutes, be gentle but constant, and then rinse away. Immediately after apply one abundant layer of lip butter. I advise you to do it before going to sleep, so that all the product is absorbed during the night as if it were a real mask. In the morning you will have very soft and turgid lips, ready for a new adventure. Do this scrub + mask once a week. When you are at home and not traveling, and therefore you have more choice available, instead of butter you can also use honey or extra virgin olive oil. On the road or at home this procedure takes very little time, find the best combination for your lips and never underestimate their importance, beautiful hydrated lips will delay the appearance of wrinkles around the lip contour and also revive the complexion of the whole face.

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