Travel on the Conero, beauty kit, hand luggage

A Beauty Kit for a hand luggage, like the one I did for the Conero and for my summer holidays. My products are all small and cheap, read the post.

Travel on the Conero, beauty kit, hand luggage

My first summer vacation this year was halfway through. A bit of work and a bit of sea for the whole week of August, made the work lighter and the fact that I have not yet completely disconnected, still makes me impatient and waiting for the holidays, the real ones, of September.

La Riviera del Conero it is very famous for its beaches. Sirolo, Numana and Portonovo they offer private coves, where often there are not even equipped beaches, but only a crystalline sea and a bursting nature. During my week here I visited several beaches, one of them being the Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle with its two rocks sticking out of the water. A selfie view!

A little bit of sea ​​in August however it had to be done and so I moved to one for a few days villa in Numana, where I dedicated myself to the sea and beach life. Being of fair hair and even lighter complexion, I had to make a good supply of sun creams to protect me from the sun's rays.

Travel on the Conero, beauty kit, hand luggage

Speaking of this, in a few months I will be 30 years old and, since I'm not that young anymore, I thought I'd start using some creams to prevent expression lines. For some time now, I've noticed right near the corners of my mouth, a sign that doesn't give me respite. Every time I look in the mirror I see it and I understand that erasing it will be very difficult, so I start trying to mask it.

A necessary condition to be good companions in beauty adventure, at least for me, is to be "reduced". I generally travel only with hand luggage, either because I travel for a few days and frequently, a weekend in Europe for example, or because my luggage is always a little low cost. Since I want to avoid taking some beauty products and throwing them away during airport checks, I have always tried to prefer mini products, which must not exceed 100 ml.

Travel on the Conero, beauty kit, hand luggage

What does my Beauty Kit contain?

Capital Solaire Compact of the Vichy line to be used both day and evening. The great thing about this product is that during the summer holidays it can be carried in a handbag and applied easily. During the day, in the city, however, it can be used to recreate the beach tan. The sun protection filter is 30.

Look PE + Mascara of La Roche-Posay. The beauty of this product is that it is waterproof, so it can be used in the city as well as at the seaside. I also used it at a wedding where I knew there was also a swimming pool!

Anti Oxidant Lip Repair by SkinCeuticals. A product that I have been applying constantly for a month now. It should be applied twice a day, but I limit myself to once in the morning as soon as I wake up. It should be applied on the lips and prevents the signs of aging, smoothes the lips and repairs cracks.

Thermal Water Serum of Vichy. A product that leaves the skin fresh and hydrated even several hours after its application. Obviously the package is well below 100 ml, indeed with its 30ml it is the ideal product to be carried in a handbag too. The pump bottle does not open in a suitcase or bag, and is practical both for travel and for those staying at home. 

Travel on the Conero, beauty kit, hand luggage

The last product I used on my Conero vacation is a product I took in French Polynesia and brought with me to prevent sunburn - as if protection 50 wasn't enough. L'Tiare oil is an oil that Polynesians usually use to prevent sunburn, and which they then apply after exposure to the sun, or they use it on the hair as an oil before shampooing :)

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