Travel to Brittany: what to see and the most beautiful cities to visit

Brittany is a land full of charm that treasures treasures of the landscape, characteristic villages and small towns full of art, history and culture that must be discovered at least once in a lifetime.

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  • Holidays in Brittany: main attractions and places of interest
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  • Concarneau - Brittany
  • Carnac - Brittany
  • Vannes - Brittany
  • Rhuys Peninsula
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  • Rennes - Brittany
  • Pointe du Raz – Bretagna
  • Huelgoat Forest – Brittany
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Where Brittany is located and information

Located in the northwest of the Francia, Brittany it is a land of disarming charm and is the ideal destination for those who want to organize romantic holidays and we explain why.

Among fairytale castles, breathtaking landscapes, wild and unspoiled nature, beaches, ancient villages and characteristic cities, the Brittany offers tourists something truly unique that is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

Holidays in Brittany: main attractions and places of interest

What is certain is that every area of ​​the Brittany will know how to give you something that will remain etched forever in your eyes and in your mind.

Let's find out now what to see and the most beautiful cities to visit during your holidays in Brittany.

The 5 most beautiful places to visit in the Sorrento Peninsula

Saint Malo - Bretagna

Renamed with the name of "The City of Pirates", Saint Malo is undoubtedly the cBrittany's most famous and touristic city, overlooks the English Channel and is embellished by the sea and the wonderful houses built according to the architectural canons of the Belle Epoque.

This incredible fortified coastal town with a belt of ramparts is chock full of historical and artistic attractions and the most important ones not to be missed are the Cathedral of Saint Vincent of Zaragoza, the Gallo-Roman walls of Alet, the Fort du Petit Bé, the Chateaubriand Tomb on the île du Grand Bé and the Quiquengrogne Tower.

It is needless to say that the tourist-hotel offer is incredible.

Quimper - Brittany

Quinpier it is the extraordinary capital of Cornwall and is a jewel of gothic art that is nothing short of incredible.

This town has a Old Town with a clear medieval imprint and one of the main ones attractions not to be missed is the very precious one Saint-Corentin Cathedral which represents one of the greatest examples of Gothic architecture in the whole Brittany.

We also recommend visiting the very interesting Fine Arts Museum which is right next to the cathedral and the Locmaria district which houses a beautiful Romanesque church dating back to the twelfth century.

Concarneau - Brittany

Called by people from the place "Bijou", Concarneau is a real "Jewel City" enclosed in lush fortified walls and hosts one of the most important fishing ports in the Francia (tuna fishing is practiced in particular).

Urbanistically the city develops around its port and the Ville Close or a fortified islet home to numerous commercial and artisanal activities and the main attraction for visitors.

Carnac - Brittany

Famous for celebrities Carnac alignments, some of the largest megalithic complexes in the world including both menhir fields and dolmen fields, this small but amazing town is among the sunniest in the Brittany.

The stretch of coast on which it overlooks Carnac it is really very beautiful and the promontories and the soft bays make them the destination of tourism world.

Vannes - Brittany

Valves is the capital of Morbihan and presents itself to visitors with a very beautiful and interesting medieval aspect.

In addition to numerous attractions historical and artistic as the Saint Pierre Cathedral and of archaeological Museum, here you can enjoy the milder climate of the Brittany.

Rhuys Peninsula

La Rhuys Peninsula is a strip of land in northern France located opposite theIsland of Houat.

Why come here? From here you can enjoy beautiful and unforgettable sunsets as well as breathtaking landscapes.

Quiberon Peninsula - Brittany

La Quiberon Peninsula it is a fashionable, glamorous and elite seaside resort famous all over the world for thalassotherapy (salted butter caramel was “invented” here).

Despite being very popular, the coast of the Quiberon Peninsula it is wonderfully wild and unspoiled and is dotted with broad beaches ed creeks.

Rennes - Brittany

Founded by the Celtic people of the Armoricans with the name of Condate and renamed Condate Riedonum in Roman times, Rennes it is the capital of Brittany and is celebrated all over the world for its cultural and university dynamism.

Rennes it is a lively and modern city and is particularly interesting as regards the historical profile; in short, it is a destination to be traveled far and wide at least once in the vine

Pointe du Raz – Bretagna

Located at the western end of Europe, this granite outcrop made up of two rocky points (Pointe du Raz and Pointe du Van) was in danger of falling victim to its fame.

The grandiose panorama, celebrated by Flaubert and Victor Hugo since the 19th century, has earned him millions of visitors who have however seriously compromised the local vegetation.

Fortunately, a complex recovery program has allowed the site to regain its original splendor.

Huelgoat Forest – Brittany

Located in the middle of the Armorique Regional Natural Park, Huelgoat it is the place where, according to numerous legends, Merlin the Wizard, fairies and evil monsters lived.

THEHuelgoat Forest it is a mysterious but at the same time surprising place and if you see tourists engaging in moving classic stones of over 100 tons, do not be afraid, it is the famous challenge of the “Roche Tremblante”.

Josselin - Brittany

We highly recommend you don't miss it too Josselin, a charming village known above all for its beautiful castle built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

The manor is known by the name de Chateau Rohan and presents itself with a mix of architecture, medieval, Renaissance and Gothic.

A trip to Brittany is the greatest thing you could wish for in life.

Brittany pictures and photos

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