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    Via Chiabrera 23, a mediocre aperitif in Rimini

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    A Rimini, as in other Italian cities, sometimes a club is fashionable. It goes out of fashion for months, years and then suddenly the trend changes and it remains empty. The club has been in fashion in Rimini for about a year Via Chiabrera 23, which is located in via Chiabrera 23, a road that connects the hospital area to the sea area of ​​Rimini.

    The restaurant is located on the street even if it has a large parking in front and avoids eating right on the concrete. Very great inside and even outside, it is full of people, however, during the aperitif time, so much so that you can also book the internal tables so as not to stay in the cold and when you arrive there is an internal list for grab the best tables.

    A couple of thoughts on this place. The idea of ​​bringing the ready-made dish directly to the table, avoiding the influx and clash of people inside is very valid. Too bad, however, that the third time you go to this place the dish is always the same. Which is a bit boring. Compared to other places in Rimini the place is a bit expensive, one spritz is 6 €.

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