Travel to Kenya in Watamu: emotions and experiences inside the Jacaranda Beach Resort

Holidays in Watamu at the Jacaranda Beach Resort. Here is a travelogue that will give you important information on the spot such as when to go and what to pack.

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Watamu tourism information

Hi everyone, I'm Rossella, I've been to Watamu in Kenya last January 2020, shortly before the start of the coronavirus pandemic and to be honest I had a great time.

I went with my boyfriend and we stayed inside the Jacaranda Beach Resort which in my humble opinion is one of villages most beautiful, comfortable and efficient you can find a Watamu.

Obviously, in this village, the Italian assistance can only be extraordinary, to say the least.

In this diary I want to tell you in first person the experiences and emotions that I experienced while meeting the locals, the air, the atmosphere and the wild and uncontaminated nature.

When to go to Watamu

One of the best times to go to Watamu, as I have already mentioned, it is January as the risk of rain is practically low and also in terms of hygiene, trust me, it is a very positive thing.

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Honestly, Watamu it is a destination that I also safely recommend to families with small children in fact inside the Jacaranda Beach Resort there were Italian families and how.

Before entering the highlight of my trip, I want to remind you that to go to Watamu there are no compulsory vaccinations but I still consulted with my doctor before leaving.

Watamu Beach

Lo Jacaranda Beach Resort it is truly incredible, inside everything is fabulous and the people who work there are truly exquisite.

I loved the restaurant and the chef with his team of young Kenyans never makes you miss anything and always tries to please you in case you ask him for something

The only place where you can put on some better heels or sandals is only in the restaurant, here there is only sand and sea postcard.

On the beach there are the "infamous" beach boys and with my boyfriend we have known practically all of them and we assure you that they are beautiful people, accommodating and always try to solve any kind of problem.

Many of them speak the Italian language perfectly; just think what an influx of Spaniards there is in this area.

I beach boys They are keen to make a good impression on anyone because their work is based a lot on word of mouth and when you return to Spain if you speak well of them, they certainly work more and with a lot of confidence.

When you go contact them immediately ATM.

Yes ATM in name and in fact he is a very nice guy with dark glasses walks with a pouch and practically is called that because he makes you a better exchange of money than the village, you will not believe it but try it, then let me know.

Rhodes travelogue

There are tons of other people organizing excursions and they combine packages at truly incredible prices and very little Kenyan shillings.

The Kenyan shilling is the country's currency; euros and dollars are also welcome.

In short we have been to Tsavo East, Temple of Gete, Malindi and did the Safari Blu.

All the rest of the vacation we were enjoying the wonders of Watamu Beach, an expanse of almost blinding white sand washed by a sea so beautiful that it looks like a postcard made in high definition.

Watamu what to pack

The first thing to pack before going to Kenya is the right soul to experience this magnificent land at 360 °.

Apart from that, my boyfriend and I, on the first day of sea we got burned while putting the protection 50+ so try to bring you something extremely good qualitatively speaking.

I also recommend bringing a separate suitcase with clothes, shoes, briefs, games for the children because here you can make happy many families who live in total poverty and I assure you that they will thank you for eternity.

In the vicinity of the village there are little houses made of mud that have no water, electricity and beds and I have left practically everything and went back to Spain with empty suitcases.

There were only a few souvenirs in it.

Giving everything to these people does not solve the situation but the smile that you can already give must satisfy you.

When will you come back in Spain you will immediately feel nostalgia for it and for this you will promise yourself that sooner or later you will return to that land so violent in giving you emotions: from the most beautiful to the ugliest.

Watamu immagini e foto

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