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Are you in Florence but would you like a unique place to enjoy fish? Here is an excellent tip: the fish restaurant in Piazza Giorgini.

Eating fish in Florence it became easy and good. Okay, the Tyrrhenian coast is not far away but until a few years ago it was easier to eat Chinese than fish. Now there are many quality restaurants, in various areas of the city and The fish restaurant, of which I speak, is excellent ...

The fish restaurant, where it is located

We are in Piazza Giorgini, a fairly peripheral area but strangely full of places to eat and have an aperitif. Since the Leonardo T1 tram line has been in operation, Piazza Giorgini can be reached from the center in 12 minutes. The fish restaurant - subtitle: seafood cuisine and street food - opened just over a year ago in a fund that was originally a bakery, which later became a quality fast food take away. Finally transformed into this charming place, with an informal style but full of personality, where eat only fish for lunch and dinner. Orders are written directly on the paper menu, the tables are small - ideal for dinners for two. The dishes can also be ordered and taken away.

The menu

The menu is unchanged for both lunch and dinner, and ranges from tapas, tacos, burgers, fish and chips, fry and grill. But you can also taste the dishes of the day that are written on the blackboard at the back of the room: the first are rich and of Sicilian imprintto. The fish of the day is presented in combination with wine, the menu includes whites and reds but for beer lovers there is a wide selection of craft beers. A "talking" card where all the dishes are explained, so as not to encounter surprises that hide behind fancy names.

Unique dishes with a history

I like to go there (it's a stone's throw from home) because the owners are easy-going people who do their utmost in advice, the walls are decorated like sailors' tattoos and the dishes are for all budgets. In addition, the fish proposals are something different from the "usual sushi", which I don't like: Mediterranean flavors, tasty and simple.
During the "lunch" hours i go strong fish burger: to try "do you bathe it?" that is a marine reinterpretation of the very popular lampredotto sandwich - typically Florentine - in version octopus with green sauce, salt pepper and spicy sauce. Bath towel? is the question the tripe asks when preparing the lampredotto sandwich which can be soaked in broth.

Since he is never wrong, the voice "fried”Was the most popular for me. I experienced a very rich "cartoccio dell'Elba”, A great mixed fry of shellfish and potatoes and the simple but delicious fried anchovies. The grilled octopus, served with chickpea cream or with sauces. An absolute novelty the "octopus from Bolgheri”Which is cooked in red wine and tomato (Bolgheri, in Maremma, in addition to being that of the rows of cypresses of Carducci, is also a renowned wine area).

If I have to find fault with this restaurant it is… that I have already tasted everything! But if you are in Florence I absolutely recommend it. The dishes I have described to you range from a maximum of 15 euros (the large fry) to a minimum of 7 - the tapas.
To this you will have to add wine. The choice of dessert is limited to 3/4 variants. The fish restaurant is in piazza Giorgini 20R: is small! Closed on Saturday for lunch, Sunday and Monday.

(photo: Facebook page The Fish Restaurant)

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