The best raclette restaurants in Bardonecchia

Bardonecchia is a splendid destination for snow lovers, but also for lovers of taste: here is where to taste raclette in Bardonecchia, the three best restaurants.

Bardonecchia it is the perfect destination for those who love snow and winter sports. Reachable both by car and by train, Bardonecchia is located in Val di Susa, just 85 kilometers from Turin. However, after a day spent on the 100 kilometers of slopes available, who wouldn't want a tasty and traditional dinner? In Bardonecchia you can find some of the best restaurants to eat raclette, a very popular recipe in these areas, as much as fondue and bourguignonne.

What is raclette

First of all let's see what is raclette. It is a semi-hard cheese that blends perfectly. Its great advantage, in fact, is that by heating it it does not burn and remains quite full-bodied. There recipe is very simple, as well as the procedure: just heat the slices of cheese in small pans and then add the ingredients you prefer. The combinations are potentially infinite, but the best are those with cured meats such as speck, bacon and salami. The dish is typical of the Alps, especially in the area between Switzerland, France and Italy, so now we will see what they are the best raclette restaurants in Bardonecchia.

1. The Quarries

Via Genova 4, Bardonecchia

In this restaurant all cheese dishes are the protagonists. The place is cozy and charming and has proposals ranging from fondue to Bourguignonne to raclette, of course. You can also take advantage of the tasting menu to try all these delicious typical dishes. Along with cheeses you will be served platters of cold cuts, potatoes and sauces of any kind. With the full menu the price is 25 €, including dessert, a real bargain. And take a look at the wine list too, as their cellar is very interesting.

2. The round table

Via G. Medail 58A, Bardonecchia

In full center in Bardonecchia, here is a perfect place to dine after a day on the slopes. The style is old-fashioned and the presentation is that of a classy restaurant, but the prices are within everyone's reach. At "The round table" you can taste all the typical dishes of the Piedmontese tradition, while reservation you will have a chance to taste one of the best raclette in Bardonecchia. It is a place attentive to the needs of all customers, even those who need a personalized menu, with intolerances or allergies. And don't forget to match each dish with the right wine.

3. Chesal 1805

Melezet, Chesal locality, Bardonecchia

Without leaving the slopes, you can spend your lunch break at Chesal 1805. Get on the chairlift near the Snowpark in Bardonecchia and let yourself be transported to a magical place. The lunch is served with a convenient self-service which does not lack class, elegance, but also practicality. Dinner, on the other hand, is more luxurious. The quality / price ratio in any case remains advantageous for such a place. In the evening menu you can choose between revisited traditional dishes, or the raclette served in the traditional way and accompanied with vegetables and cold cuts. Do not miss this high altitude gem.

The choice is yours, now you have all the best places to try raclette! For sure you won't regret it.

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