Sunday brunch in Trieste: Eppinger

    Sunday brunch in Trieste: Eppinger

    If on Sunday you like to go out in the morning, not too early of course, and you want to do something different I recommend you Eppinger, a beautiful historic café-pastry shop located in Trieste centrally located in via Dante Alighieri 2 / B.

    Every Sunday in the spring-summer period and every first Sunday of the month during the cold winter it offers its customers a moment dedicated to the tradition of brunch. Participating has a fixed cost of € 15 per person and allows you to taste the best products that Eppinger offers: muffins, pastries, sweet and savory pies, sandwiches, fruit, cold cuts, cheeses, marzipan and the most various delicacies that can come to mind . Great coffee and wines. Brunch lasts approximately from 10.30 until 14.00.

    The restaurant is furnished with care and design pieces, has an outdoor area as well as a beautiful room on the first floor.

    Given how good and pleasant these brunches are, the place is always full so reservations are recommended. It is possible to book by calling 040 637838 or by writing to

    Eppinger is also ideal for a quick lunch or an aperitif. The sandwiches are excellent. Highly recommended. It is open every day from 8.00 to 21.00.

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