Sardinia ferries, getting around low cost

A hot topic almost as hot as the Sardinian summer is how it can be done arrive in Sardinia; in recent years, between apparent cartels between companies, fuel prices and various the price of ferry it has increased dramatically until it becomes one of the causes of the decrease in tourism in Sardinia. Sardinia is served by various airports that connect the island with hundreds of destinations throughout the year.

Shipping is focused on ports: Olbia, Porto Torres, Cagliari, Arbatax and Golfo Aranci. Arriving in the ports of Olbia, Cagliari and Golfo Aranci to move you will have the railway and frequent buses that pass not far from the maritime stations. Except in the port of Golfo Aranci where connections with Olbia are limited throughout the day. If you decide to arrive to Sardinia by ferry the first thing you need to consider is where you want to start from. The ports of the peninsula connected with Sardinia are: Genoa; Livorno; Piombino; Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo. The area of ​​Olbia and Golfo Aranci is certainly the area most served by passenger transport as it is connected with all the ports listed daily (except Campania and Sicily).

The companies that carry out the passenger service are many: Moby Lines; Tirrenia; GNV; Sardinia Ferries. During the summer the connections are strengthened and doubled. The links between the Latium and Tuscany. to and from Olbia are also carried out during the day with runs lasting 5-6 hours (depends on the destination). On Golfo Aranci, the well-established Sardinia Ferries also operates daytime runs with Tuscany. Night rides, on the other hand, usually last from 22pm to 7am, which is nine hours. Ten, therefore, if we count landing operations.

I prices vary depending on the accommodation you need and, more importantly, if you have to board the car on board. These days opting for a traditional company for a family vacation can be very expensive, with the risk of being unsustainable. If you're planning a backpacking holiday, a deck passage on the ship costs money from 80 € upwards roundtrip.

For some years now, however, courageous operators and entrepreneurs in the Sardinian tourism supply chain have decided to challenge the large companies of the sea by quoting to rent a ship by making connections that can cost 20% to 50% less compared to traditional companies. The company in question is GoInSardinia; a name, an invitation. At each voyage the seats on the ship are divided between the free market and seats assigned through the reservation of a structure affiliated with the shipping company, which offers customers a package including hotel structure and transport. The sailing conditions are equally comforting with all the attractions that can be found on the passenger ships; with entertainment areas for the little ones and seating areas. The whole trip is accompanied by catering set up with products made in Sardinia. The adventure of GoinSardinia for now develops in the ports of Olbia and with a weekly connection with Arbatax (since the majority of financing tour operators are Gallurese) but nothing prevents it from expanding to other Sardinian ports in the coming years.

Each port of Sardinia is a gateway to the island itself and places that are just waiting to be visited and loved. Each port offers the necessary services to move and reach any point of Sardinia during the day. It is therefore good to carefully consider your choice when booking and not stop in front of the apparent distance of a destination. When planning your itinerary it is extremely necessary to inquire about transport situation which affects the chosen area, since in this sector there are very different scenarios depending on the area.

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