Riva del Garda and surroundings: 4 typical restaurants

Where to eat in Riva del Garda and surroundings, four typical and cheap places for a lunch or dinner like a real local, read the post.

Eating is a healthy pleasure in life, so make room in your stomach as I take you to try some restaurants in Riva del Garda and surroundings.

Riva del Garda and surroundings: 4 typical restaurants

Trattoria Piè di Castello in Cologna di Tenno

For those who they love meat and want to taste something typical of the area can not miss a dinner at the Trattoria Piè di Castello. We are located a few kilometers from the center of Riva, precisely in Cologna di Tenno, just above the Varone waterfall. This is a family-run restaurant and I assure you that they will make you feel at home, giving you superlative service. Here you can taste many traditional Trentino dishes, but it is the host carne salada, cooked and raw. An appetizer of typical cold cuts and an amazing pickled vegetables will only make you hungry; not to mention the dumplings, in broth or dry, the strangolapreti and the soup. To finish the dessert: if you come here it is a must to savor the apple pie strictly homemade ... You will love it!
A word of advice: arrive very hungry and with an empty stomach!

Riva del Garda and surroundings: 4 typical restaurants

The Berlera in Ceole

Are you looking for an atmosphere of the past? A place a little out of the ordinary? welcome to La Berlera! The restaurant is located in Ceole, just outside Riva. It is an ancient castle set in the rock, which has long since abandoned its original function to be used as a restaurant. The glance is truly impressive: the restaurant is perfectly integrated into the stone. Inside, the rooms are furnished in a sober but elegant way, and the dining room staff are competent but never intrusive. You can safely choose from menu à la càrte, but if you want to taste a bit of tradition I recommend the menu Tasting in Trentino: local cured meats, pickled vegetables, dumplings cooked in three different ways, polenta, cheese and mushrooms and to top it off an excellent strudel with vanilla cream. Nothing is missing, even the coffee of a particular Indian blend with a strong and particular flavor. Furthermore, with the green menu even the palates of vegetarians are satisfied. Good food and a great location make this place excellent for romantic dinners or with friends.

Riva del Garda and surroundings: 4 typical restaurants

The Osteria al Gallo in Riva

Il center of Riva del Garda it is not very big and in summer it is crowded with tourists, but there is no shortage of quiet corners just off the beaten paths, and in one of these hidden places we find theOsteria Al Gallo. We are in the center of the city but the square that houses the restaurant is a little spread out, and I assure you that it offers a glimpse from the rear of the lake and the surrounding square that is really beautiful, almost romantic.
The restaurant makes you think of the classic tavern: the tables with red and white checkered tablecloths they are the trademark and obviously all the objects concerning the roosters fill the shelves and walls. As for the menu we find some traditional Trentino dishes, such as carne salada and fasoi, strangolapreti e dumplings, and exquisite dishes based on lake fish. Finally, a good dessert and coffee, fruit in spirit, complimentary from the house, cannot be missing.

Riva del Garda and surroundings: 4 typical restaurants

La Montanara in Riva del Garda

Here we are always in the center of Riva, right next to the Porta S. Marco, in a little rustic restaurant that offers excellent cuisine: The Montanara. An intimate tavern where hospitality and familiarity are the masters. The menu does not offer many dishes, but all are tasty and good-looking. As for the appetizers, the classic Trentino one always deserves: various cured meats, cheese and the ever-present Giardiniera are a great start. The first courses take us on a tour of Italy: pasta with cheese and pepper, penne all'arrabbiata and an excellent one wholemeal pasta with leeks and gorgonzola. Among the main courses, trout and hake, two authentic delicacies, while for those who want meat, the braised with polenta barbeque. Let's finish with the desserts: the classic tiramisu and crème brulee are not lacking, but I recommend their homemade cheesecake, a great way to end dinner.

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