Restaurants in Lisbon: 15 must-see addresses

As you know Lisbon is my favorite city in Europe, I've been going to it for several years, and every time I go back I like to discover the new restaurants that open. Like all large cities, a Lisbon is home to any type of restaurant and any type of cuisine, but in this article I have mainly focused on Portuguese cuisine restaurants (both classic and revisited), with a couple of exceptions. Far from being an exhaustive guide (I already guess the comments), it is simply one list of my favorite restaurants and Lisbon, the ones I keep coming back to for years and the ones I recently discovered and liked. They are listed randomly (it is not a ranking) and I do not doubt that there are many others, equally valid.

But let's get to us:

Pharmacia Restaurant (Chiado)

This garden restaurant is part of the museum of the Pharmaceutical Society and is ideal both for an aperitif with a view of the Tagus (the Miradouro di Santa Caterina is right there in front), as well as for dinner or after dinner. It is a bizarre place, furnished like a period pharmacy. The cuisine is creative and it is very good.

Rua Marechal Saldanha 1

Tavern 1300 (Alcantara)

This very trendy restaurant is located inside the LX Factory in a converted industrial location, and it is really very nice. The cuisine is Portuguese revisited, excellent grilled octopus accompanied by a puree of sweet potatoes and sauteed vegetables, as well as cod, tasty and well cooked. Prices a little higher than the average in Lisbon, but you also pay for the location

Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103 (LX Factory)

Chapitò the table (Alfama)

It is not easy to define this place because it is many things, a multifunctional space that has a Jazz café inside, a restaurant with an incredible view of the city, a theater and circus school ... a magical place ... one of my places of the heart in Lisbon. In addition to the beauty of the place, there is also the Portuguese cuisine, well done.

Castle Coast 7

Restaurants in Lisbon: 15 must-see addresses

Mini Theater Bar (Barrio Alto)

The Mini Bar is one of the many restaurants of chef José Avillez, and in all of them you can go blind because you always fall on your feet! This one, in particular, is very nice because it is located in a nice little square of the Barrio Akto inside the art deco building of the Teatro de Sao Luis. There are both tasting menus with gourmet tapas and the a la carte menu. The cocktails are also excellent. It also has outdoor seating.

Rua Antonio Maria Cardoso 58

Decadent (Barrio Alto)

Attached to a hostel and a boutique hotel, the Decadente is a classic hipster-cool restaurant but it is very nice indeed. The cuisine is creative Portuguese and is great; Sunday brunch is also very good. It is open from lunch until late at night and the Decadente Bar is attached, which often offers DJ sets or live music.

Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 81

Aviez neighborhood (Barrio Alto) 

The Barrio do Avilez is the latest creation by chef José Avillez, a beautiful space of 1000 square meters in the Barrio Alto within which there are 4 different restaurants with different concepts. There is the Mercearia, a gourmet delicatessen, to try Portuguese specialties, the Taberna for those who love meat and cold cuts, the Páteo dedicated to fish and seafood and, finally, the Beco, the most cosmopolitan corner, with an international menu and cabaret (open only in the evening).

Rua Nova da Trindade 18

Restaurants in Lisbon: 15 must-see addresses

The Unusual (Barrio Alto)

The Insolito is located in the same building as the Decadente (inside the Independente Hostel & Suites), but on the top floor. As soon as you enter the atrium of the building the furniture is very “decadent” but you then go up with a small lift hidden behind the reception and as soon as you get up the view of the terrace on the city is nothing short of wonderful. You can eat both in the dining room and on the terrace (even in winter). The cuisine is always creative Portuguese.

Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 81

Cantinho do Avilez (Baixa-Chiado)

Cantinho do Avillez is a welcoming space where modernity and tradition coexist naturally and, as the name suggests, it is always a creation of Chef José Avillez. It is an informal place where you can taste his predominantly Portuguese-inspired cuisine at affordable prices, which however also contains suggestions arising from his travels. A warranty.

Rua Duques de Bragança 7

Garage Cafe (Alfama) 

Talking about a restaurant is a bit of a gamble, but it's a place that has recently opened and has already become one of my favorites in the city, especially for an afternoon snack or an aperitif (it's open Tuesday to Friday from 17pm: 00 to midnight and on Saturdays and Sundays from 15:00 to midnight). This cafe is located inside the Teatro da Garagem, perched just below the Sao Jorge castle and from the hall you have a magnificent view over the city.

Castle Coast 75

Restaurants in Lisbon: 15 must-see addresses

San Telmo (Santos) 

San Telmo is a very nice little restaurant run by a group of young people where you can eat excellent fresh fish. As soon as we sit down, they bring an aperitif (offered by them), before proceeding with the orders. Excellent octopus with garlic and potatoes, as well as pork cheek. The only flaw .. you pay only in cash, but you spend very little (20-25 euros).

Rua do Poco dos Negros 188

Time Out Market (Cais do Sodre) 

The Time Out Market is located inside the beautiful Mercado da Ribeira, in the heart of the Cais do Sodre neighborhood. The whole building is occupied by a gastronomic court, with an impressive variety of stalls and stands (almost all affiliated with the best chefs and most famous shops in Lisbon), and a plethora of tables and benches to sit and eat. If you want to eat a little of everything and quality… this is the right place!

Of. 24 de Julho 49

Tasca Kome (Low) 

If you are tired of eating cod and pasteis or if you are addicted to Japanese cuisine (like myself), Tasca Kome can be an excellent alternative. The restaurant is modern, informal and comfortable, and is located in a very central street, a few steps from the Cathedral. It is run by Japanese and not only offers sushi, but also other typical dishes of the cuisine of the rising sun, accompanied by special and good cocktails.

Rua da Madalena 57

Restaurants in Lisbon: 15 must-see addresses

Be Me (Chiado)

The Sea Me is a modern fish market, as it defines itself. A fairly small and crowded restaurant, all focused on fish (mainly raw, but also cooked). The location is very characteristic with the possibility of dining both at the counter and at the table, with an exceptional fresh fish counter. The kitchen offers both sushi (excellent), fish tapas and grilled fish. Prices are a bit higher than average.

Rua do Loreto 21

Restaurant Malmequer Bommequer (Alfama)

It is a small family-run restaurant "hidden" in the alleys of Alfama, not far from the Fado Museum. Compared to the other crowded and noisy places in the area, here you can find a restaurant with few tables, a simple but refined environment and friendly service. The cuisine is homemade and the portions are large: the baked cod is not to be missed!

Rua de Sao Miguel 23

End Point (Splints) 

From the dock of Cais do Sodré, a ferry leaves every 20 minutes that goes to the other side of the Tejo, in the small town of Cacilhas and the Ponto Final overlooks the Tejo, with the tables almost on the water. The view of Lisbon and the XXV Abril bridge from here is nothing short of amazing! But there is not only the view, at the Ponto Final you can also eat well. Reservation essential

Rua do Ginjal 72, Almada

Restaurants in Lisbon: 15 must-see addresses

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