Restaurants in Berlin: 10 cheap places to eat well

If you have never been to Berlin and the capital, you expect to do a full immersion in German cuisine… I have good news and bad news! The bad is that in Berlin, the classic German cuisine that we all imagine can be found in a few selected restaurants. To be clear, there will not be restaurants on every corner that offer you sausages, sauerkraut and potatoes as it can happen in Munich or Frankfurt. Cuisine in Germany varies a lot from region to region e Berlin is a microcosm of its own. And here we come to the good news ...In Berlin you can taste truly dishes from all over the world, eating well and spending very little. In fact, compared to other European capitals, Berlin prices have remained very low and it is possible to have a respectable multi-course lunch, without even exceeding twenty euros. Sure you have to know where to go, but I hope that my top 10 of Berlin restaurants do not miss give you some ideas!

I took into consideration location and quality / price, also trying to include all the cuisines and nationalities that give life to the varied and multi-ethnic Berlin scene.

1. Cocolo Ramen (Mitte)

As the name suggests, Cocolo Ramen is a Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen. If you are a lover of this classic Japanese soup, you can't miss it! The menu is rather small, but the quality of the food is superb! They offer a dozen different ramen, both chicken and pork as well as appetizers and desserts of course. The kitchen is open and the Japanese chefs will prepare their masterpieces before your eyes. There is an authentic and familiar atmosphere, with soft lighting and matcha served in Japanese ceramic mugs. In recent years his fame has spread and unfortunately they do not accept reservations. At lunch there is usually no problem finding a seat but at dinner you may have to wait in line. Don't be put off… a spoonful of their magical ramen will repay you for the wait!

Gipsstr. 3, 10119 Tel. +49 172 3047584

2. Mustafa's vegetable kebab (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)

Speaking of queues and long waits, I can't fail to mention on this list Mustafa's vegetable cake. Even if it's not a real restaurant, this one Inconspicuous kebab is perhaps the most famous kebab in the whole capital. In fact, for those who do not know, in addition to being the city of curry würstel, Berlin is also home to this Turkish specialty. The Turkish community is very extensive and legend has it that the kebab was invented in Berlin by Turkish immigrants. True or not, I don't think there is a city in the world with so many kebabs and Mustafa prepares the best one of all. The queue to taste this delight is very long, but the two hours in a row will make you taste a special kebab, with the addition of their very secret sauce. If waiting for so long is not for you, just attached to Mustafa is Curry 36, where you can instead enjoy the classic curry würstel and Berlin meatballs.

Mehringdamm 32, 10961

Restaurants in Berlin: 10 cheap places to eat well

3. Standard (Prenzlauer Berg)

If homesickness makes itself felt, Berlin has many Italian restaurants, even of considerable level. Having to choose, my favorite is definitely Standard. Located in the new-age hipster neighborhood of Prenzlauer Berg, a few steps from the famous Mauerpark, Standard is a Neapolitan pizzeria of the highest quality. Pizza in Berlin is the only thing that having Spanish prices in mind can seem a little expensive and Standard is no exception. A margherita costs around ten euros, but I assure you it's worth it all. They use the freshest ingredients, a wood oven and the pizza makers are all Neapolitan. You will not find better pizzas than theirs and the familiar and welcoming atmosphere will make you feel at home.

Templiner Str. 7 | Corner of Zionskirchstrasse, 10119 / Tel +49 30 48625614

4. Food in the middle (middle)

As I mentioned, the typical German cuisine, or rather Bavarian, is rarely found in Berlin and you have to go and look for it. Lebensmittel in Mitte is perhaps the best Bavarian restaurant in the whole city and if you don't want to go home before enjoying one of the typical South German specialties, this is definitely the place for you! They follow a seasonal menu and use the freshest ingredients. All the great Bavarian classics are on the menu, but I recommend you try theirs Schnitzel, our schnitzel, and their Spätzle.

Rochstr. 2, 10178 / Tel. +49 30 27596130

Restaurants in Berlin: 10 cheap places to eat well

5. Horváth (Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg)

Horváth is a superlative Austrian restaurant. I'm not the only one who thinks it, in fact it is always mentioned among the best Berlin restaurants, it has won numerous awards and has two Michelin stars. The fame is all well deserved and the prices are much higher than the other restaurants on the list. Austrian cuisine has many features in common with German cuisine, but also many differences. The nine courses in which the menu is divided they are a real culinary journey to discover Austrian specialties and alternate traditional cuisine with innovative and experimental dishes. If budget is not an issue, in Horváth you will have a unique dining experience!

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, 10999 / Tel- +49 30 61289992

6.Mrs Robinson’s (Prenzlauer Berg)

Mrs Robinson's is an Asian fusion restaurant combining oriental flavors and experimental dishes with the classic relaxed and slightly hipster Berlin vibe. I recommend that you follow the advice of the waiters and the chef because the menu is constantly evolving and deciding what to order can be difficult. I can vouch for the ravioli in broth, the lamb ribs and the fried vegetables in season. If you want to have a nice evening and are craving oriental food, Mrs Robinson's is the perfect location.  

Pappelallee 29, 10437 / Tel. +49 30 54622839

Restaurants in Berlin: 10 cheap places to eat well

7.Duc Anh Vietnamese Street Food (Lichtenberg)

After kitchen Turkish, that Vietnamese it is perhaps the second most widespread in Berlin. Wherever you go, you can be pretty sure you will find quality Vietnamese food at prices that seem impossible in Spain. To give you an idea, eating an appetizer, first course, dessert and drinking a beer, you almost never spend more than fifteen euros. It was not easy to choose my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, but Duc Anh is perhaps the most authentic. Is situated inside the Dong Xuan shopping center, the beating heart of the Vietnamese community in Berlin. It's a long way from the hipster-chic aesthetic of Berlin restaurants, but I assure you that once you've tasted the food, you won't think about anything else. The choice on the menu is huge, but by ordering the great classics you can't go wrong ... the noodle soups, the various pho and the Vietnamese version of the rolls spring are a guarantee!

Herzbergstrasse 128, 10365 / Tel. +49 4930 53217480

8th delicious song (Prenzlauer Berg)

If like me you are like me lovers of Chinese cooking and in particular of dim sum, the classic Chinese ravioli, Delicious song it's the perfect restaurant! Whether fried or steamed, vegetarian, stuffed with shrimp, chicken or pork… in this small restaurant in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg there are ravioli for all tastes. The atmosphere is very relaxed, as you may have guessed by now, very Berliner and the staff are super friendly. It is the ideal place for an alternative lunch break based on ravioli and Chinese tea.

Schliemannstrasse 19, 10437 / Tel. +49 30 26374447

Restaurants in Berlin: 10 cheap places to eat well

9.Khushi (Prenzlauer Berg)

This list certainly could not miss a Indian restaurant! As you may have noticed, Asian food is very popular in Berlin and Indian cuisine is no exception. Khushi serves all the typical dishes, but is famous for its curry. I can personally vouch for them chicken curry madras, spicy but not too spicy and really delicious. They serve it with naan, a typical Indian bread and it goes very well with one of their lassi, a refreshing and tasty yoghurt-based drink.

Kollwitzstrasse 37, 10405 / Tel. +49 30 48493791

10.Yafo (Mitte)

Yafo is an Israeli restaurant-bar that is very popular with young Berliners and, although it has only been open for a few years, it has made a name for itself on the culinary scene of the city. It really is both a bar and a restaurant stays open late into the night. I was immediately struck by the welcoming atmosphere and, already from the door, the sounds, colors and scents dragged me into the heart of Tel Aviv. They all serve typical Israeli dishes such as hummus, pita, and falafel and accompany them with cocktails, music and sympathy. For a quick lunch, for a dinner with friends or even for an aperitif, I really recommend Yafo to everyone!

Gormannstr. 17b, 10119 / Tel. +49 4930 92350250

Restaurants in Berlin: 10 cheap places to eat well
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