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Holidays in Portofino. Useful and straightforward information and advice on how to save.

For those who absolutely do not want to give up visiting the splendid Portofino, I recommend this short and economical one day itinerary.

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  • Portofino where to eat well and spend little in Portofino
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Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita Ligure it's a small town on the coast, very pretty, especially now that the sun shines on the earth, in our hemisphere, for a longer period than a few months ago.

I recommend arriving here by car and then taking the ferry to Portofino, and here do not miss the exquisite focaccia, which I ate in the company of my boyfriend.

Once disembarked at Portofino, a splendid town, you will see the charm of the small gulf where more or less luxurious boats moor.

Tips for saving in Portofino

We ate a sandwich brought from home for lunch on the dock while admiring the view.

In the afternoon we visited Portofino far and wide, giving us a delicious lemon granita in one of the kiosks of the town.

Portofino where to eat well and spend little

It was a wonderful walk, Portofino it is a charm; rightly, a sign placed just before reaching it says that it is one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

Portofino it is all gathered in a small port (Piazza Martiri dell'Olivetta), made famous by the “stylish little shops” and the multicolored houses.

The docked boats make it clear that it is also an elite place.

From the square, taking a flight of steps, you go up to Brown Castle, meeting the Church of St. George, a Mediterranean vegetation and glimpses of sea.

There is also the Parish of San Martino, whose dome can be seen from the main square.

Portofino where to eat well and spend little in Portofino

In the evening we treated ourselves to a delicious pizza at the pizzeria El Portico of Portofino located in Via Roma, 21 (Tel +39 0185 269239) that is on the pedestrian street that leads to the small port of Portofino, here you eat pizza but not only and the cuisine seems simple but pleasant.

It must be said that if you want eat fish in Portofino it's more than expensive but we've got one restaurant very nice and certainly very cheap compared to the others Ristorante Puny located in Piazza Martiri dell'Olivetta, 5 Tel (+39) 0185 269037.

Where to stay cheap in Portofino

We assume that staying in Portofino it is very expensive especially if you decide to choose a hotels.

Il advice I can give you is to choose one solution not far from the city center or to choose an apartment.

Here where to stay cheap in Portofino:

Portofino discos and night clubs
  • Agriturismo Terre Rosse Portofino - Terruzzo, 4/5 Tel (+39) 0185 63193.
  • Light Blue Portofino Apartments - Ascent San Giorgio, 6.
  • Eight Hotel Portofino - Via del Fondaco, 11 Tel (+39) 0185 26991.

Portofino pictures and photos

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