Pizza Mob in Naples on November 24th

The tram tram of the network does not spare anyone. A few weeks ago to frame a Flash Mob was a group of young people ready to dance in unison the notes of a new catchphrase. Of the web, needless to say.

The protagonist of this new group action is always a catchphrase if we can define it that way, but of the table. It is, in fact, the PizzaMob. The initiative promoted by some users is aimed at protection of the cultural identity of pizza: not only a symbol of Naples, but a business card of the entire Italian culinary tradition.

Before PizzaMob, it was organized last June BrowseMob: a flash mob in honor of the sfogliatella, another undisputed protagonist of Neapolitan cuisine, held, not surprisingly, in Via Toledo.

Also this time the location is not chosen by chance: it is Via dei Tribunali, the undisputed kingdom of the best and most famous Neapolitan pizza makers: you will find Sorbillo, the Pizzeria Del Presidente and Pizzerie Di Matteo, stages to pay homage individually if you pass by these parts.

The mechanism of the initiative is simple:

  • the appointment is for 24 November around 12.30;
  • whoever chooses baked pizza will have to wear at least one red leader, who that oven one blue head;
  • the pizza will be tasted on the street, folded "like a wallet"
  • those who participate will have to buy the pizza independently
  • other additional or optional option: Arancino tasting, red or white.

In short, a mouth-watering flash mob!

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