Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana, the wonderful plantation

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Anyone who visits the Louisiana should make sure you go and visit the Oak Alley Plantation. This place steeped in history has a charm that captivates visitors. The visits, guided by splendid girls dressed as southern ladies, allow you to admire the main mansion and discover secrets and curiosities starting from the history of the owner family.

The best part, which makes this place special, is the splendid gallery of oaks which creates a magical main entrance to the house. This wonder made up of 16 centennial trees has been located there since 300 years, exactly one hundred years before the construction of the mansion and there is still no certain information regarding its creation.

Gorgeous example of southern architecture it bears witness to the region's past, made up of plantations, slavery and life along the Mississippi. Oak Alley was declared one of the most romantic places in Louisiana and every day is a witness of marriage proposals or is the setting for splendid wedding receptions.

Many already know it without knowing it: the villa and its park were in fact the set of many movies and productions, among the most famous "Interview with the vampire”And Beyonce's music video“ Dejavù ”. This summer the property was once again able to enjoy the presence of Mr. Brad Pitt, guest of one of the cottages during the filming of "Twelve Years". After finishing your visit make sure you sip the Mint Julip, a refreshing drink drunk at the time of the slaves to cool off in the hot days of work on the plantation.

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