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New Year's Eve in Madrid useful tips and information

Madrid it is one of the favorite destinations to spend the New Year or a weekend and there are numerous offers to spend a few days in company in a beautiful city.

We left on December 28, returned on January 3.

How to get around Madrid tips

THEaeroporto in Madrid Barajas it's really huge.

We disembarked at Terminal 1 and to take the metro we had to walk a really long stretch.

We recommend that you purchase a tourist pass for the number of days you will spend a Madrid; the one for zone A is fine, because it allows you to use practically the entire metro network.

Un subscription for five days it costs just under 15 Euros per person.

Not all subway stations have escalators and elevators.

So be careful if you have mobility problems or travel with strollers e heavy luggage following.

3 days in Madrid

The stairs are mainly located at the interchange points between the lines.

La metro during the period of the Christmas holidays it has a very high frequency, in fact on the main lines there is a train every two minutes.

The stations are clean, bright and even late in the evening you travel very quietly, even if you are alone.

If your hotel is in a suburban area, check if it is better served by a bus line.

Madrid what to eat and places

Madrid me in the international metropolis, and there are places to eat that can satisfy every palate.

For breakfast, we enjoyed the mall bar Alcalá Norte, metro stop Linear City.

Nothing special, but they make excellent orange juices and very tasty toast, the so-called toast.

Infinite is the series of snacks, of the half baguettes.

They are served with fried squid, with the famous ham (ham) and with cheese (cheese).

If you can't tear yourself away from Spanish first courses, go to Marzano, on the Gran Via, just before Spain Square.

The service is quick and the dishes very tasty.

For a first, prices vary between 8 and 9 Euros.

A restaurant not to be missed is the Corregidor Inn  in Plaza Mayor.

They do an excellent one paella, freshly prepared (so you will have to have time available, it takes about half an hour), even for one person (usually they always prepare it for at least two people).

The environment is elegance, romantico.

If you want to treat yourself to an intimate dinner, this is the place for you.

Prices in the norm for a place of this kind.

The two of us spent less than 70 Euros for one paella, one entrecote very soft with potato and onion pie, two desserts, a bottle of wine and water.

Madrid what to see and places to visit

Madrid it is a very rich and very varied city.

6 best places to go on New Year's Eve 2022

We had 7 days and we were able to travel far and wide.

Make choices based on your wishes and the time you have available.

We have all skipped museums and the visit to Royal Palace.

What I can say is that you will never tire of walking there Gran Via  , From Cibeles fountain, until the Metropolis, and then down to Spain Square.

The buildings are all very elegant, admire them calmly and above all remember to look up to see the friezes, the wrought iron balconies. Other focal points are there Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Sol, Main Street.

We do not add more because they are places widely described by all the guides on Madrid.

We recommend a visit to the Bullring of Madrid (Ventas metro stop), four steps in the splendid and huge Parque del Retiro, and a ride to Chueca and S. Anna Square, for the nightlife.

A Chueca there is a street where you can find lots of specialized shops selling electronics items.

A singular place is undoubtedly the Temple of Debod (Plaza de Espana metro stop, the most convenient): these are the remains of an Egyptian temple donated byEgypt to Spain.

Admission is free: inside the history of the temple is reconstructed, explanations are given on the hieroglyphs that adorn the stones.

Not to be missed, on Sundays, the Rastro market (from 10 to 14, Tirso de Molina stop) and the nearby district of Lavapies: stalls of all kinds, used and new things, music played by talented street artists.

Worth a visit there Atocha train station, both for the architecture itself (a grandiose structure in glass and iron), and for the amazing tropical garden that is located inside.

If you want to see Madrid from above, go for a ride to the Moncloa Lighthouse (Moncloa stop) wonderful show.

An original goal is the torri What (Plaza de Castillia stop), two oblique towers, which converge on each other; returning to the center, stop and see it stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

Shopping a Madrid

Believe me, for purchases, you are spoiled for choice.

Madrid is a succession of shops and department stores of all kinds: they range from enormous English court, which has numerous locations throughout the city, to the small luthier shop in the musical instruments district.

I recommend that you be careful if you are looking for stamps: the shops that sell postcards do not have them, you have to look for them at the tobacconists (tobacco) or ask for the Post (the mail).

At the post office there are automatic machines that print the stamps; equip yourselves with money because they do not accept notes.

How to spend New Year's Eve in Madrid

Il Madrid New Year it is truly something unique and exceptional.

If you are in Madrid for the new year, don't miss the midnight wait in Plaza del Sol.

In the square, plays of light are set up and at the stroke of the 12 tolls of the bell tower, it is traditional to eat 12 grapes.

The square is literally overrun with people.

You don't even need to walk, you are pushed by the crowd and literally crushed against each other.

Don't imagine what a great thrill.

New Year's Eve, i madrileni they use to wear wigs carnival type.

There are really all kinds of them; if you want to buy one, go in Plaza Mayor, where there are dozens of stalls selling these wigs.

The city on New Year's Eve is completely illuminated, for the duration of the holidays this makes the atmosphere even more magical.

Another tip is to go and enjoy the perspective from Puerta di Alcalà.

We hope that the brief indications that we have provided in our report can be of help in organizing your trip to the splendid area Madrid.

Madrid it is a city to be seen and experienced, which should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

New Year's Eve in Madrid last minute offers and holiday packages

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Madrid pictures

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