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I believe Naxos be one of the islands Greek more "authentic", where the tourism has not yet managed to destroy traditions e features local.

Suffice it to say that, as soon as you leave the largest urban agglomeration of the island, that is the one grown between the port and the old "castle", you will see flocks of goats or sheep crossing the narrow streets of the first hinterland, or who rest in the hot hours of the day, looking for a bit of refreshment in the shade of the low walls walls that delimit the various plots of land.

Il landscape is extremely bleak ed arid. In Naxos there is wind even when… there isn't.

It is very reminiscent of the Mexico, as the bus carrying tourists, but also natives, and touring the beaches and villages surrounding the port.

Giardini Naxos where to eat well and spend little

I have never seen anything so messy and chaotic; I am perpetually late, but overflowing with a humanity so heterogeneous and particular, that it literally leaves you speechless!

Beaches of Naxos

I'm not a great expert on beaches, but in Naxos there is certainly the most bella I've ever seen.

Is called Mikri Vigla, and getting there is definitely "tiring", but the color of the sea, and the rocky promontory, which looks like a sculpture, and which borders it to the north, makes you believe you are inside a documentary!

To those who want to go in Greece wanting to discover the true face, I would like to give only one piece of advice: FORGET THE TIME FACTOR!

In true Greece - or rather, for true Greeks - time does not exist.

For them, the clock does not exist, and punctuality does not know exactly where it is at home.

But I can assure you that, after the first disconcerting moment when you realize that your reasoning from "Buisnesswaman"Milanese, always with the minutes counted and the days pre-organized to perfection, are not really considered by the natives, it makes you think:" But it is not that I am the "alien", and they are the real men, who have really understand everything about life and continue undeterred to go around the mountains and the beaches of their island, looking at their little world from the back of their donkeys ?! "

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