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New Zealand Fiji and Cook guide, itinerary, information and useful advice

I begin this travel story by saying that the ideal duration of the trip, to visit this fantastic part of the world, must be at least 3 settimane.

The flight took about 30 hours and I recommend you to fly with AirNewZealand as we got terrific treatment in economy class.

Arrived at Oakland exhausted, not happy we took a domestic flight to Christchurch, from where we rented a car (driving on the right is very dangerous for an Italian).

And here we started our DIY adventure.

Only in this way were we able to get to the heart of the holiday, meeting seals, penguins, sea lions, strange birds and a whale at close range.

I must say that the whole southern island is comparable to a huge Aosta Valley (meadows, cows, sheep, sheep, cows, meadows…).

Perhaps we met 10 cars in a week and between a village (and therefore a petrol station) and the other we pass at least 300 km.

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If anyone loves hiking or skiing, this is the island for them.

New Zealand what to see and places to visit

After this overdose of wild nature, we ferried on thenorth island, where as soon as you land, you find yourself in a completely different world.

We return to see the medium and large cities, traffic, industrial settlements and office complexes.

The first city to be found is the capital WellingtonCalled Windy Wellington, thanks to its constant and incessant breeze.

Definitely go to visit the national museum (Te Papa) one of the most beautiful museums I've ever seen and then have a feast on oysters.

Another milestone of the journey is Rotorua, famous for its traditions maori and thermal settlements (geysers, muds and boiling lakes).

Do you think that the steam even comes out of the manholes in the streets.

At least one of the many parks of this kind is worth a visit (we visited 3 and the most beautiful was the wai-o-tapu, with the "famous" lady knox geyser).

The "typical Maori dinner show" certainly does not deserve to be seen because it is one of the usual rip-offs for tourists.

We continue to Waitangi, where the treaty was signed between the Maori and the British.

Definitely worth seeing, at least for the historical importance of the place.

Fiji story of a journey

If you are nearby and you want to take a trip out of town (200 km, 4 hours trip !!!) go to the Cape Reinga lighthouse, the extreme tip of the New Zealand, where the first Maori landed.

Last leg of the journey Auckland, with its splendid Skitower.

It is the largest city in all of New Zealand and it is also the most vital.

A couple of days were enough to visit it fairly well.

I recommend that you leave your car at the hotel and use public transport, which works properly.

La New Zealand it does not have great and ancient traditions, so all the museums you visit will offer a little bit all the same things about history of the Maori, so visit only the most important ones.

The population is one of the most exquisite, cordial and kind I have ever found, do not hesitate to ask for information or help that will always be granted.

When it is summer with us, in New Zealand it is the middle of winter and if the temperature on the north island is mild (like our spring) in the south it is better to bring scarves, anoraks and gloves (as soon as we arrived, it was snowing !!)

Cook Islands guide, itinerary and information

We have been up Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Both beautiful but completely different.

Rarotonga it is the largest island, of volcanic origin, with few beaches and lots of greenery.

Cook Islands useful tips

If you go to Rarotonga I recommend renting a moped or a car and touring it (1 day is enough).

It is curious that it is necessary to have a Rarotonga driving license to get around by car.

To obtain it, simply go to the police office (the only one on the island), present your driving license and pay 10 New Zealand dollars.

While Aitutaki it's the classic coral atoll, where the only possible activity is to lie down in the hammock supported by two palm trees by the lagoon.

Here, too, the only way to get there is a flight from Rarotonga on 18-seat airplanes with landing on a ground runway (remembrance of the Americans during the war).

Note that the airstrip is shared with the golf course.

Our experience at Fiji islands it wasn't the most exciting, at least for our tastes.

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Unfortunately the journey is over and we are about to embark on the long return journey.

Guys, these are my tips, hoping they can help you make the most of your trip.

Photo gallery New Zealand and Cook Islands

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