Melinda, visit the apple paradise

Mondo Melinda is located a few km from Trento, the apple paradise that you cannot miss to visit during a holiday or a trip to Trentino.

Have you ever seen where do apples? But above all have you ever visited the factory of the Melinda? I do.

Melinda apple is located a few km from Trento in a rather large structure where they carry out various activities. Upstairs there is a large hall where I imagine staff meetings and so on take place, while on the ground floor, in addition to the sales point, there are also various rooms where the entire quality control, and not only.

In the large sales room I discovered Melinda products that I had never even imagined could exist. For example, we are all used to going to the cinema eating popcorn. Here. With Melinda you can eat the dried apples in the cinema : O I was amazed when I saw these beautiful packages and above all the goodness of their contents.

Besides this I have tasted others as well products made with apples, for example le cuddles. Apple hearts sometimes rolled in grained apple or parmesan, a real treat. In addition, also the hot apple juice with spices, for me who does not like mulled wine a delicious thing.

For the rest the Melinda house offers, of course, lots of apples, of all its qualities, trained staff and dozens of products. If you are nearby, go pay us a visit.

Guided tours (for a fee with tasting) can be carried out from October to June, while MondoMelinda is open all year for purchases.
Opening hours: every day from Monday to Sunday 8.30 - 12.30 and 15.00 - 19.00.

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