Kos: the most beautiful beaches

After the article on What to see in Kos, I want to dedicate one to the most beautiful beaches on the island. Kos is a fairly large island (it takes more than 1 hour to cross it from one side to the other) and, if you want to find beautiful beaches, you cannot go by chance. Furthermore, when it comes to beaches in Greece, we must always make a premise: from June to September the famous meltemi often blows (a typical wind of the Aegean Sea that blows from the north) and the beaches of the north coast are very exposed. All the stretch of coast that goes from Tingaki to Mastihari (which also includes the town of Marmari) is almost always windy, therefore, more than for relaxation and swimming, it is recommended for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Despite this, the most touristic places of Kos are right Tingaki e Marmari, two "twin" locations, built in recent years and very popular with British tourism. Honestly, I don't recommend staying in these locations, nor even going there to the beach (except for water sports). The beaches and the sea of ​​the south coast are much more beautiful and in this article I will mainly tell you about the beaches that are located there (the only exception is Limnionas and Agios Theologos Beach). 

Kos: the most beautiful beaches

The most beautiful beaches in Kos

1) Agios Fokas Beach

Starting from Kos Town, proceeding eastwards there are several equipped beaches. Agios Fokas it is the most beautiful of this stretch and it is the last one you will meet (before reaching the hotels near Therma Beach). It is a not very deep pebble beach and in front of it you will have a view of Bodrum and the Turkish coast. It is a very quiet beach, equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs and there is a bar. It is the prettiest and closest beach to Kos Town.

2) Therma Beach

Proceeding forward you then arrive at the most famous thermal springs of Kos, that is Therma Beach. You will have to leave the car where there is this bar and then walk down a dirt road for about ten minutes until you reach a rocky cove. In the first section there is a small beach equipped with a bar, then a small pool separated from the sea by rocks, where the thermal water (very hot!) Flows. It is a very popular place, and my advice is to go there in the evening or at night (especially if there is a full moon) to be able to better appreciate the warm water and the beach without too many people. 

3) Kardamena

Among the most beautiful beaches of Kos I also include Kardamena, the most touristic place in the south of the island. The country is very similar to Tingaki and Marmari, but the stretch of beach in front and nearby is much more beautiful. The best beach in my opinion is the one located in the east end of the country, about here, near the Ristorante Anemos (which is yummy by the way!). Here you will find both umbrellas and deck chairs, but also a stretch of beach that is not equipped. 

Kos: the most beautiful beaches
Kos: the most beautiful beaches
Kos: the most beautiful beaches

4) Paradise e Camel Beach

Proceeding still west of Kardamena, after a few kilometers the large bay of Kefalos begins where there are a series of beaches with evocative names (Paradise, Exotic, Camel, etc) ranging from Exotic beach to Agios Stefanos Beach. These beaches are very similar to each other, all of clear sand and with shallow and calm waters (this part of the island is protected). They are practically all equipped and often have at least one kiosk or a tavern where you can eat / drink.  

5) Agios Stefanos Beach

The most beautiful beach in Kos in my opinion is her, Agios Stefanos Beach, which is also located in the bay of Kefalos, between Paradise Beach and the resort of Kamari. It is a truly suggestive beach because there are the remains of the V century basilica of the same name. located right on the sea. Then there is in front the islet of Kastri (reachable by swimming or by pedal boat) where the little one is little church of Agios Nikolaos, protector of sailors. The only flaw of this bay are some eco-monsters (fortunately not too tall) that they built close to the beach. 

6) Limnionas Beach

La Limnionas beach it is, in my opinion, the only beautiful beach in Kos on the north coast. To reach it you will have to leave the main road at Paradise Beach (the detour is well indicated) and walk a few kilometers before arriving there. The beach is located here, and it is a "double" beach: from the parking lot you can go to the bay on the right, a small beach of light and low sand (equipped), or to the left. Here is another little bay, always quite sheltered, but wilder. Next to the parking lot there is a tavern where you can eat and drink. 

Kos: the most beautiful beaches
Kos: the most beautiful beaches
Kos: the most beautiful beaches

7) Agios Theologos Beach

On the Kefalos promontory, at the western end of Kos, there are two particularly beautiful and wild beaches. The first is Agios Theologos Beach, which can be easily reached starting from Kefalos, is well signposted and the road is all paved. The beach is pebbly, shallow and with shallow water. It is not sheltered from the wind so there are often waves, but it is not dangerous to swim because the water is low. Along the beach there are a few umbrellas and sunbeds that can be rented immediately above Taverna Agios Theologos perfect for an aperitif or for a dinner (it's a perfect place to see the sunset over the sea). 

8) Cavo Paradiso

I close this article on the most beautiful beaches of Kos with Cavo Paradiso, the wildest and most isolated beach of the island, which can be reached by covering about 7-8 km of dirt road. The road is quite bad and you have to go very slowly. In the end, however, you will arrive in a large bay surrounded by cliffs, very scenic. Here too you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs and there is a small kiosk.  

Kos: the most beautiful beaches
Kos: the most beautiful beaches
Kos: the most beautiful beaches

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