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Mykonos holidays tips: guide and useful information on beaches to visit, clubs, discos, clothing, lunch and public transport

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Mykonos useful information and tips for a holiday

I have been to Mykonos last summer and I want to share my experience with you so that you can learn straight e information useful to better enjoy a fantastic island.

Before leaving I had researched the website and I honestly thought it was just an island where the divertissement, but I had to change my mind after only two days: I found out landscape wonderful, sunsets unforgettable, breathtaking views, windmills, white cobbled streets that contrast with the blue of the doors and windows of the houses and of course a beautiful crystal clear sea.

Mykonos where to eat well and spend little

Local Mykonos

There are 3 discos on the island: the Paradise near the homonymous beach, lo SpaceDance which is in the center near the Spanish restaurants Macaroni and Parmesan and finally the mythical Cavo Paradiso, near the Paradise.

Consiglio to visit them all, each one is particular in its own way.

I preferred the Paradise Club.

Mykonos beaches

As for the beaches I have seen the Paradise Beach, Super paradise beach, Panormos beach, Lia beach and Platis Yalos beach.

But there are still others.

My favorite was the beach Paradise Beach, the kingdom of the Spaniards, practically there is just us.

The average age is 18 for boys and even younger for girls.

Si balla from 17,00 in the afternoon until deep night.

Mykonos discos and night clubs

If you want to rent an umbrella and 2 deck chairs for a day, the cost is around 15 euros.

Lia beach it is truly a charm, beautiful and peaceful, because there is no music and Platis Yalos beach the same is quiet.

I recommend meals in Mykonos

Mine advice is to bring something for lunch on the beach, if you don't want to be plucked from the bar prices.

Do you think that a coffee costs a whopping 3,50 euros.

In the evening, however, you can safely to eat a pizza or sandwich in one of the many cafes in the city.

How to dress in Mykonos

I recommend to bring few clothes because it is fashionable to be very undressed there, let's say that you can safely go out in costume.

Don't forget to bring one with you pashmina it's a summer jacket for the evening because for whom rent the moped must know that in the evening it is a bit chilly.

Advice on the choice of the hotel

The advice I would like to give you is this: book a hotel that has air conditioning in the room because during the summer months temperatures in Greece they can be very high.

How to get to Mykonos by ferry and plane

Getting to Mykonos it is very simple as the island is very well connected to both Greece than to many international destinations.

Reach Mykonos by plane it is the fastest and fastest method as there is a airport that during the summer months guarantees direct links with Spain.

Le airline companies that offer connections with Mykonos are Meridiana, Vueling, Volotea, EasyJet, Iberia, Aegean Airlines e Neos Air.

If you plan on taking the ferry fast Rafina-Mykonos or Piraeus-Mykonos book it a little in advance because you risk finding it fully booked.

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Mykonos pictures and photos

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