The fusion cuisine of MU Fish in Nova Milanese

Ph. Mauro Montana

How much do you spend?

Il MU Fish proposes two tasting menu (Young from 40 euros and Classic from 60 euros) that allow you to taste all the "strong dishes" of MU Fish and come out full like an egg. Alternatively, there is the à la carte menu with much lower prices than those found in Milan, especially when compared to the quality of the products and the environment.


Mu Fish

Via Galileo Galilei 5, Nova Milanese (Monza Brianza)

Tel. 3348041109

Orari: 12–15:00 e 19:30–00:00

Open every day except Mondays


NOTE: The MU Dim Sum, the cousin of Mu Fish specialized in ravioli, in via Caretto 3 (Central Station area). Soon I will go to try it and I will be able to tell you, but it promises very well!

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