Mykonos: the 10 most beautiful beaches

After the article with all the practical information to organize a holiday in Mykonos, I want to dedicate this one only to yours magnificent beaches, from the most isolated and quiet ones on the north coast, to the most famous and beaten ones on the south coast. The premise is that the beaches in Mykonos are all really beautiful!! They are beaches made of tiny white pebbles (much more "practical" than the sand that sticks all over you!), Often wide and deep, where there is always a part not equipped. All the beaches of Mykonos have at least one tavern nearby where you can eat (usually very good by the way) and, except Fokos, some Beach Club who rent sun beds and umbrellas and have all kinds of facilities. Here you will find the beaches that I loved the most in order of "preference" (obviously it is a completely personal choice!). As you can see, I have not included the super famous ones Paradise e Super Paradise Beach because they are beaches, albeit beautiful, dedicated above all to nightlife and to those who want music to the ball all day (and that's not my case).

When it comes to beaches in the Cyclades, we must always make a premise: from June to September the famous meltemi often blows (a typical wind of the Aegean that blows from the north) and the beaches of the north coast are not well sheltered (except Panormos). This is one of the reasons why most of Mykonos tourism has developed around the beaches of the south coast. If there is no wind, however, in my humble opinion, the beaches to the north are the most beautiful: the arduous sentence is up to you!

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Mykonos

1. Degree

Fokos Beach is one of the most isolated beaches in Mykonos. It is located to the north-east and, to reach it, you will have to travel 3 km of dirt road (but well maintained). The beach is enclosed in a fairly sheltered bay and is not equipped: if you want an umbrella you have to bring it from home! Behind the beach there is a nice tavern (Fokos Tavern) where you can eat well at fairly fair prices. The crowds don't get there so if you are looking for a nice and quiet beach… it's just perfect (and there is also a nice big parking lot)!

2.Agios Sostis

Staying on the north coast, but this time towards the east, is the Agios Sostis beach. It is a fairly long beach and is not equipped perfect for those in search of tranquility. Just before the descent to the beach, above the red-roofed church, there is a small restaurant (Kiki's Tavern) very pretty and rustic: unfortunately you can't book so… get ready to queue up to eat because it has very few seats (and it's the only one in the area by the way!). From here you will see another small beach underneath which is accessed by descending from the tavern. The only flaw of this beach is that there are few parking spaces and you will have to park along the road.


La Panormos beach it is located 2 km from Agios Sostis and is the only beach in the north that is sufficiently sheltered from the meltemi in the days when it blows hard. It is a very long beach which has a part equipped from Beach Club Principote, one of the most exclusive on the island, complete with a private landing place for yacht tenders and sunbeds that cost a fortune. If you are normal people, however, do not worry, more than half of the beach is free and you can eat or refresh yourself at the Kalosta, a very nice tavern located behind the beach in a beautiful raised position. Kalosta also has private parking… an absolute plus!


Among the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos Ftelia could not miss! This beach is always located in the north, in the large cove of Panormos, and is famous for windsurfing: when the meltemi blows, lovers of this sport all find themselves here! It is a long beach and not equipped with shallow water: if there is no wind it is also perfect for children. To eat there is it Ftelia (looking at the sea to the left) or the Pharma  (looking at the sea to the right ... walking a little), a shabby chic place where in the evening there are often evenings with quite famous DJs.


Moving south instead, the farthest beach from Mykonos Town (the one further east) is there Lia beach. It is a not too big beach with really crystal clear water. It is equipped with two Beach Clubs: the Lia (which also has a fish tavern immediately behind it, quite basic) and the Liasti (more cool and exclusive). The two ends of the beach are free instead.


Agrari beach is also located on the south coast and is a basically gay / nudist beach (at the east end). It is a very large beach, with a small church right on the sand and with a part of the free beach and another occupied by the sun beds and umbrellas of two Beach Clubs.Agrari Beach Club, which has a normal bar-restaurant, within everyone's reach, and another (whose name I could not understand), more elegant and combed. The road down to the beach is quite steep and narrow so be careful.


La Elia beach it is the longest in Mykonos and is attached to Agrari beach. If you park in Agrari you can also reach it on foot following the path between the rocks that runs along the sea. Elia beach also tends to be a gay and nudist beach and has several beach clubs with sunbeds and umbrellas and a few places to eat including the chapel.


Considered the beach with the cleanest and most beautiful sea in Mykonos, Kalafatis it is located in a cove near Lia beach. It is a fairly large beach, partly free and partly equipped by the Spilia, a Beach Club with a very nice and panoramic restaurant. The tables are in fact located on terraces overlooking the sea and have a magnificent view. It is quite a famous place on the island (and quite expensive I would add).


I entered Ornos among the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos not so much for the objective beauty of the beach (it is too busy and it is too built around) but because it is located in a beautiful cove quite narrow which makes it the most sheltered beach on the island. When there is a lot of wind, Ornos beach is the only one where you will feel it less! Ornos beach is close to Mykons Town and can also be reached by bus from Fabrika. It's all equipped and pretty messed up.

10.Agios Giannis

We close this review on the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos with the Agios Giannis beach, another beach near Mykonos Town (you will have to get off at the stop after Ornos). It is a small and short beach which however has a beautiful church on one side of the bay and a nice Beach Bar with an excellent restaurant: theHippie Fish. It's expensive but it's good and really nice. If you are looking for a nearby beach that is not too messy… it's the right choice!

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