Jack the Ripper Pub, The Ten Bells in London

It was once called "Jack the Ripper Pub”, And this can only make you understand why this pub is an absolutely essential stop on Halloween weekend. Its name has changed many times over the years, but the current one comes from the number of bells in the Christ Church next door.

Much has been written about Jack the Ripper, some stories are true and many are pure fiction, but it is said that two of his victims, Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly, both prostitutes, frequented the pub: Annie Chapman would drank at the pub just before she was killed and Mary Kelly practiced her profession by luring her customers from the sidewalk in front of the club.

Obviously nowadays the situation has changed considerably, the area has been "cleaned up" and is full of restaurants, shops and pubs and the famous Spitalfield market attracts hundreds of tourists every year, but this pub, active since the 18th century, remains still one of the most popular destinations in the area for both tourists and Londoners.

The design inside is a perfect representation of the Victorian style and the atmosphere seems to have not changed since Jack's time. A pint is a must!
The nearest underground stop is Liverpool Street Station.

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