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Ibiza holidays guide and useful information

Mine journey starts from Milan to Madrid where I leave for Ibiza after about 2 hours, with a flight with a stopover.

I immediately look for some buses to reach the area of Es Canar (est dell'isola di Eivissa vicino Santa Eularia).

I finally arrive at the hotel.

I immediately begin to think that there will be a lot to have fun!

I immediately make friends with some very nice guys, together the next day we go to a huge residence full of English and Germans who make brothels, we dance a little even if the music it was not that great and in the meantime while we have a beer and the evening passes between a divertissement and yet another.

Ibiza where to eat well and spend little

Ibiza Spiagge

Next day wake up around 10:00.

I immediately decide to go and look for a scooter to rent soon done we go back to the center of Es Canar where we had been the night before and rent a moped for the price of 240 euros.

Now that I have the moped under my legs I feel in control of the place as I can go wherever I want every day.

In search of fabulous coves.

With the boys I immediately head to the center of In Evi full of other guys, a greeting and off to EnBossa beach to the very famous Bora Bora.

At 20:00 dinner in a very good and very cheap place just outside the Bora and headed to the campsite to get ready for the evening.

If you go thereAmnesia where is the evening Made in Italy and plays Ralf, we arrived at the club, we paid 45 euros, we pay twenty because we caught the reductions in the Bora !! In short, we enter and it's all show, the place is frightening the exceptional animation of ancient Rome and Ralf splendid but the only flaw seems to be in Rimini full of Spagnani.

The advice that everyone had and continue to give me was that you can live Ibiza either by day or by night !! I was nothing, at 11:00 I was already active, shower (very clean bathrooms at the campsite) and off to explore coves !! I start on my moped to climb the coast to the east, and in the day I see myself: Cala Nova, Cala Lienya, Cala Mastella, Cala Boix one more beautiful than the other a bathroom in each one and on, with the scooter you almost always go down to the shore avoiding parking that is impossible with cars and above all long stretches on foot !!

Really spectacular !! In the evening after a spectacular day that had been, it starts to drizzle and I stop in the very famous with the scooter Ippy market in Sant Carles de Paralta, really recommended beautiful stuff and very low prices.

Next day: wake up in the morning at 10:00, always around other fabulous coves, also because the area where I am (East) let's say it is the area where there are the most beautiful! And I see myself: Playa des Figueral e Cala de Sant Vicenc equally spectacular both! Lunch and departure with the scooter at a time of Saint Anthony, (practically on the other side of the island, I get the beauty of about 30Km and more) but it's worth it because here is the very famous "Coffee del mar"…. where I taste together with a pit of people, the cala del sol, that is the sunset.

Ibiza beaches guide

From here, practically, you can see the sun setting into the sea and therefore as if it were diving.

All sitting on the beach, all enjoying an aperitif, expecting this fabulous moment that really gives a great emotion !! Everyone clap their hands, fabulous really recommended !!

Ibiza nightclubs

This evening we decide for the "Privilege".

I go back to the accommodation, shower I put on like new and off we go again, I take a friend and at 1:00 we enter the disco.

Here, too, a memorable evening (cost 25 euros), full, to be played Cris Liebingh to hear it live it really deserves !!

The record is really well done, they say it's the biggest in Europe!

Outside it has a huge glass ball all lit up and the main room is huge I don't know how many people it can hold but to pass it from one side to the other it takes maybe half an hour! next morning: at 9:30 we leave for DC10 near Ses Salines (near the airport) I am really stunned, the place is like a large cottage isolated from everything in the middle of an arid countryside full of sand all around, we arrive at about 10 and it is already very hot, it is already full of people !! (I pay 20 euros).

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  • Es Paradis
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  • Moma Ibiza

In short, I spend the whole day there, I will never forget it, perhaps the most beautiful of all holiday!

I met a lot of people and I had a blast! Certain subjects that I tell you nn! Really special music.

Ibiza pictures and photos

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