Holidays in Ibiza, 5 things to do on the island

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What to see and what to do in Ibiza, 5 tips for eating local, visiting the best coves of the island and seeing the most important tourist and historical attractions of Ibiza, alone or in the company of friends and family.

Ibiza it is a destination that has always fascinated many young, but not only, also many families who choose a Spanish holiday to relax with children. The offers on Ibiza are many and there are many Alpitour holiday packages for those who want to travel all inclusive without spending a fortune.

What to really do in Ibiza? Known for its nightclubs and summers of great fun and carefree, Ibiza is an island of a thousand resources. Ideal for young people, traveling as a couple or friends, and for families who choose this heavenly place but who don't want to be limited only to the sea.

1. Dalt Vila, the historic city of Ibiza

Definitely the most historic part of the island of Ibiza. Dalt Vila is since 1999 UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is to be put on top of the things to see during a trip to Ibiza. Taking home here means attending a show of lights and colors every evening with wonderful sunsets and parties at every street intersection (which is strictly covered on foot, unless you are allowed to drive around but it is for exclusive use of residents). Dal Vila can be defined as a open-air museum thanks to its history. Here you can visit the Arab Castle, the Nostra Senyora De Las Neus Cathedral, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Placa des Amparats from which you can admire the view of the city harbor.

2. Port of Eivissa, a place not to be missed

The port area of ​​Eivissa is a beautiful place to have fun in the evening and stroll in the morning, perhaps stopping at one of the bars in the marina, enjoying cortado and eating something typical. The port is historically a fishing district and Ibiza culture is felt here. Do not miss the two monuments dedicated to the sailors who made Ibiza great, so the Monument a los Corsarios, and the monument to People de la Mar.

3. The hippy markets of Ibiza

A characteristic of Ibiza that not everyone knows is that of always having gods hippy markets to visit. Among my favorites there are certainly Las Dalias which is located in Sant Carles, north of Ibiza. This market is the best known and most famous and has over 30 years of history. It has over 200 stalls and bars of tapas, pizzas, natural juices and slushes. The market is held from April to October, on Saturdays from 10 to 20 and from November to March, on Saturdays from 10 to 18. The Night Market is offered on Mondays and Tuesdays from June to September and on Sundays in July and August from 19pm to 1am to please everyone, adults and children.

Another hippy market that is worth seeing is to Sant Jordi, in Sant Jordi, south of the island of Ibiza. The market is held on Saturday morning in the racecourse of the Spanish town and is the favorite of the islanders (that's why I recommend it, because it is less touristy). Here, in addition to buying second-hand clothes and objects, it is also possible to have an aperitif listening to the music of the percussionists who gather here to relax with the people gathered for the weekend market.

4. Ibiza beaches, more and less known coves

A really hot topic that this alone would require a dedicated post. What are they and where to go to the beach in Ibiza? The beaches of Ibiza are beautiful, different and each is a separate chapter. There are the most well-known coves that must still be visited, the very unknown ones that are known only by word of mouth, those that can be reached practically by car and those that can be accessed with a small trek. The beaches of Ibiza are all beautiful and must be explored, seen and experienced before giving their own ranking. Some have services, restaurants where you can eat an excellent paella with a view, while other coves do not even have the shadow of a bar.

Cala Salada for example it is one of the most famous and popular beaches, located north of Sant Antoni.
In reverse Cala Vadella it is located in the southeast of the island, turquoise waters and is hidden among the rocks. Less known but beautiful for tourists and residents who, thanks to the rocks, are able to shelter from the wind. Cala de Sant Vicent it is a cove equipped with every service, where there are also hotels and restaurants of different types. This is a cove that can be reached very easily, a place to arrive in a comfortable day by car and relax without having to think about lunch or services since everything is close. Last beach is that of Cala Gracioneta which is located in Sant Antoni. This is a cove with turquoise waters that leave you speechless. Unfortunately, however, the cove is very small in size, so the advice is to arrive early in the morning to experience it to the fullest.

5. What to eat in Ibiza, even typical

Ibiza is an island that has two faces: the summer one where tourists triple, if not more, and the winter one where more or less only the locals remain. Many activities therefore open at the beginning of the season (generally between April and May) to close at the end of summer (between September and October, then it depends on the season and the weather). The cuisine also changes a lot in these two macro-moments of the island of Ibiza. In the summer, especially in the last few years, the cuisine has become more and more international with several restaurant chains that have begun to take hold more and more. However, the local cuisine is still very strong, not only then fast food chains or international restaurants (Italians are very strong), but also taverns and taverns where you can try and order fresh fish and tasty seafood.

La Ibizan cuisine is made of a lot of fish, it is impossible not to mention the famous one fried Ibiza, but in all the places in the area you will find Spanish cuisine in general such as tapas, bocadillos and even pizzas, pizzas and hot dogs. There paella it is to be eaten strictly with a sea view so as to be able to savor the other great beauty of the island of Ibiza: its always splendid panorama, from any point of view you look at it.

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