Heceta Lighthouse, Oregon Coast: sleep at the foot of a lighthouse

Sleeping in Oregon at the foot of a lighthouse with a unique view and lots of attention dedicated to guests. Six rooms and a maximum of 15 people housed in this Heceta Lighthouse B&B. Read the post with the review.

In the post, we will tell you about a very charming B&B: Heceta Lighthouse in Oregon. Usually not considered, theOregon Coast is definitely more breathtaking and wild than the Californian "sister" of the "Big Sur". It is no coincidence that Oregon has been called one of the 10 once in a lifetime trips from Dove magazine.

Heceta Lighthouse, Oregon: the classic cottage

The coast appears pristine and green, the clouds, as for the San Francisco bay, decide when to show the view. The coastal route starts in the north from the decadent Astoria to reach the wild Bandon. In between the spectacular Cannon Beach, Falls Head, Depoe Bay, Yaquina Head, the Sand Dunes and more or less halfway the historic Lighthouse of Heceta.

And right at the foot of the latter there is Heceta Lighthouse B&B, a classic white American cottage all in wood, with a patio, rocking chairs and the inevitable American flag flying in the garden. Staying there is not exactly cheap: especially based on the period and the room chosen.

The structure of the B&B Heceta Lighthouse in Oregon

Il Cottage it is structured on two floors: on the ground floor the common area with a large dining room, two sitting rooms and a small one kitchen available of guests if you want to cook something. Upstairs the rooms. Outside, the large patio overlooks the bay, giving guests a spectacular view.

The B&B has a total of 6 rooms and can accommodate up to 15 people. We have chosen the Queen Ann, neither big nor small, very bright, with a huge king size four poster bed, teddy bear and chocolate on the pillow. The bathroom was shared with another room but always super clean and with a beautiful old bathtub from which to admire the bay.

Reception and rituals

The welcome is really warm and at 16 pm the ritual of a wine glass offered in the sitting room is a wonderful time to get to know the other guests. The area is quite isolated, you have to travel at least 15 miles to dine. However, there is the possibility of using it in the kitchen (but do the shopping first) or you can order from the list of recommended restaurants.

The B&B Heceta Lighthouse is practically at the foot of the lighthouse on Oregon coast which can be reached in just 5 minutes on foot through a path through the woods. At night it puts the chills a bit, but once you reach the lighthouse the view is unique and priceless! The beam of light illuminates the pitch-black ocean and a carpet of stars illuminates the sky.

The breakfast

The surprises don't end there. There breakfast is royal! At 9 am all guests gather at the same elegantly set table to face the 7 courses. Ours were fresh fruit salad, strawberry smoothie with lemon mousse, porridge with strawberries or soft-boiled eggs, coffee cake, fresh cheese with grapes and figs, savory cake decorated with flowers and salmon. Unlimited tea and coffee. Breakfast lasts just over an hour, enlivened by the manager's jokes and chatting with the other mostly American guests.
We were the first Italians to stay in this fantastic place and this aroused a lot of curiosity.

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