Getting around in Lanzarote: bus, car or bike

Getting around in Lanzarote: all the solutions to get around the island. By bus, car, bike or taxi, read the post and decide how to embark on the adventure in the Canary Islands: the choice is yours.

Getting around Lanzarote is not a problem. The bus service is in fact punctual and efficient. However, the island offers some wonderful views that can best be appreciated with a road trip by car.

Getting around in Lanzarote: bus, car or bike

Sports enthusiasts will love to visit it by bike, while those who prefer comfort and have a higher budget will find it easier to travel by taxi.

Finally, for those who love the sea, traveling by boat will be a fascinating and irresistible choice.

In any case, whatever your ideal holiday is, it will not be difficult to find the way to move around Lanzarote that suits you best.

Getting around in Lanzarote: bus, car or bike

By bus

The public bus service, Arrecife Bus, serves the whole island frequently and punctually. The ticket is paid directly on board and the price depends on the length of the route.

The buses are clean and air conditioned. Many have a monitor on which the next stops are indicated, so you always know where you are.

The bus is very convenient for move from the airport to the various areas of the island with lines 22 and 23. Unfortunately, however, some tourist attractions (for example the Timanfaya park) are not served by the public service.

In that case, if you want to travel by bus, you will have to get off at the nearest stop and then continue by taxi. Alternatively you can book some organized tours with guide.

On the website you will find all the timetables and bus routes of Lanzarote.

Getting around in Lanzarote: bus, car or bike

By car

The car is the ideal means of transport for those who do not want to miss even a corner of the beautiful Lanzarote. There are several car rental companies which you can contact.

The important thing is to have a valid driving license e have at least 23 years.

Getting around Lanzarote by car offers the advantage of being able to decide your own destinations and timetables independently and being able to reach even the most inaccessible or less known areas without difficulty.

Getting around in Lanzarote: bus, car or bike

By taxi

Getting around by taxi in Lanzarote is not prohibitively expensive, although obviously it is more expensive than traveling by bus.

The island is quite small, so taking a taxi might be a good option to do a day tour of Lanzarote.

Alternatively you can use the taxi for short distances or to reach those attractions where buses do not arrive.

Taxis in Lanzarote can also be booked in advance.

Getting around in Lanzarote: bus, car or bike

By bike

Lanzarote is a wild island and cycling is not for everyone. However, if you are fit and love to "breathe the road" and enjoy the landscapes around without filters, you can opt for a bicycle.

There are several companies on the island that rent bikes.

Whichever mode of transport you choose to use, I'm sure a trip to Lanzarote will surprise you.

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