From Michele and Gino Sorbillo, the real Neapolitan pizza

When we eat the pizza we must remember that real pizza was born in Naples. Before my Neapolitan weekend, I discovered, I had only eaten pizzas that weren't pizzas and now I finally understood what real pizza tastes like, how it is made, how the dough is and above all what is the wonderful feeling of ordering and finishing it a :)

Although in Naples the pizza is good almost everywhere, it is difficult to find a place that does it really badly, there are two places that do it very well and that I recommend you try both on a trip to Naples.

By Michele

Da Michele is one of the best and most famous pizzerias in Naples. The pizzeria is located in Via Cesare Sersale, a side street of Corso Umberto I, not too far from the station area, so if you have the hotel there with a 10 minute walk you will reach it easily. The pizzeria is small, has only two rooms, and the people waiting for the pizza are always a lot. Personally I happened to wait for almost two hours, but despite everything I am here to tell you and write to you that it is really worth it. The Da Michele pizzeria is also famous because the scene of Eat, Pray and Love with Julia Roberts and relatives there is no shortage of scenes from the film and a photo with all the pizza chefs and the great actress visiting Naples to shoot the scene of the film. The place is bare, not very well furnished, and even the tables do not have large tablecloths, quite the contrary. Despite everything, or perhaps precisely for this reason, Michele's simplicity is what a tourist often wants and desires.

Here you eat the real Neapolitan pizza and they don't need to embellish the place to attract customers. This is the gist of the matter. On the walls several paintings with poems on the goodness and beauty of simple pizza, without too many toppings which, they say, are bad for the body and the wallet. That's why Da Michele the pizzas you can eat are essentially two: margherita and marinara. There are also two possible requests, with double mozzarella, normal or large. End :) There are no other requests that can be made and the pizza is really delicious. Remember that, given the amount of people who go to Michele's pizza at the weekend, you will find at the entrance a number to take and as people eat someone will come outside to call the numbers. This is to tell you that as soon as you arrive you must immediately go and get the number, do not queue;)


The pizza of Sorbillo they say is the best ever in Naples and personally I found it better than the Da Michele one. The official Sorbillo pizzeria is the one located in the historic center of the city, in via dei Tribunali 32, the second location is instead located by the sea in Via Partenope 1. Personally I tried the second one, even if in all the reviews found it was said that the one in via dei Tribunali was better and the service more valid. I have to tell the truth, I really liked the pizza and the bill was not too salty even if the service left a little to be desired.

In spite of all the Sorbillo pizza that I tried I deserved a 9 full in my opinion, you can see it in the photo above. The advice, on windy days, is to ask for a seat inside the restaurant, because even if it is sunny on the Naples seafront, eating with the wind is not optimal also because the pizza cools more quickly.

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