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    England: the addresses for eating well

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    A few days ago I wrote a nice post about where eat in Sheffield since I was there for five days in early October. On the Zoover blog then you will find all the tips for eat well in England, what I wanted to do here instead is to recommend a beautiful place to Leeds.

    A Leeds I was only one day, but thanks to mine great guide I had the opportunity to have lunch in oldest pub and beautiful of Leeds. The Adelphi it is located across the river from Leeds, not in the central area but the city is quite small and there is not too much to walk, besides it is quite famous, if you ask you will find the road immediately.

    THEinterior of the pub it is quite dark, typical English restaurant, with black tones, burgundy red and soft lighting. But you eat divinely. If what you want is a hamburger, handsome rich and with delicious sauces, here you will have it.

    The menu is divided into daily menu, sunday menu and buffet menu. I took a Classic burger just to try and that was delicious already, I dare not imagine the rest. THE prices they are very affordable and inside there are many rooms to choose from, with different styles and colors.

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