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A Brussels the typical national dish is without a doubt moules et frites, mussels and fries. Mussels cooked in broth or white wine are the specialty of Belgian restaurants, especially when accompanied by a large dose of fries.

Various types of mussels-fries dishes there are so many, come on moules marinieres, marinated mussels, moules with vin blanc, with white wine, le moules à la provencale, with tomato and moules la biere, cooked in beer and cream.

Personally I liked the muoles et frites very much, especially the marinated variant with wine, garlic, onion and aromas. The chips they were actually invented in Belgium and only later did the French take credit for them. All the places offer this local specialty which, as expected, has become very imitated and often very badly copied.

To recognize good moules et frites it is necessary to look for good restaurants in Brussels and avoid the more touristic districts that serve the dish well is better. I have been to 't Kelderke which is located right in the Grand Place in a basement which is accessed via a ladder. The restaurant is not very visible and only by being careful you will be able to see the signs, easier in the evening.

The local is a lot characteristic , small and often crowded with people. Despite the position that invites us to think of it as a very touristy and expensive place, it is exactly the opposite. The restaurant does not accept reservations but it is advisable to queue up a bit because i dishes are of the Belgian tradition , like beers served with dishes. The cost of a dinner is not high.

A curiosity , according to local traditions, the dish should be eaten only if the letter “r” appears in the name of the current month, in this case you need to know at least French.

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