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    La Fraschetta, where to eat in Rome in Trastevere

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    Judit Llordés

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    The Fraschetta is a restaurant of Rome which is located in via San Francesco a Ripa 134 and which in addition to pizza also offers first and second courses of the Roman tradition. The restaurant is located in Trastevere, just outside the center of the slightly more touristy clubs.

    The interior of the restaurant is very characteristic with braids of garlic that come down from the ceiling, strictly real :) and pans, bunches of chillies and much more. The staff is nice and friendly but the most important thing to know is how you eat and how much you spend.

    - appetizers are great, stuffed olives, bruschetta with tomato and courgette flowers are really delicious. The pizza, on the other hand, did not completely convince me but I must say that I was not too hungry, so perhaps my judgment cannot be taken literally. Maybe next time I will try the carbonara of the photo above.

    Three of us with appetizers, two pizzas and a carbonara, and a bottle of wine we spent € 15 per person. The price is good and the intimate and welcoming place. I advise.

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