Eating a great paella in Rimini at La Veranda

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The restaurant La Veranda it was inaugurated this year, in March to be precise, and is currently one of the places I ate there best paella of my life. No, I'm not kidding, as well as in Spain of course.

The restaurant is located in Rimini, to be precise a Viserba in viale Paolo Toscanelli, 154. The feature of this place is that it is located on the sea, but right in front. In fact, eating at one of the tables in the "front row" you will see the not far from the sea. La Veranda is quite large with a part outside the venue to start the evening with a glass of prosecco or a chat with friends.

The interior is not elaborate, the place is simple, no frills, but this has nothing to do with the dishes. Honestly, I only tried paella, because if you happen to be around here in the middle of the week you should know that here the Wednesday is Paella night!

There were two of us and with a pan of paella that seemed made for three abundant people, lots of good white wine, ice cream and coffee we spent less than 20 € and I assure you that it was completely worth it. The paella was delicious, the rice cooked to perfection and the fish excellent. There landlady she was very kind and took care of our dinner in every detail. Definitely to try, especially on summer evenings;)

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