Discovering Tortoreto, between the plain and the sea

    What to see in Tortoreto, in Abruzzo, not only Tortoreto Lido, its beaches and the sea, but also the historic center, read the post to find out more.

    Located in the Abruzzo province of Teramo is the municipality of Tortoreto, one of the possible destinations to discover especially when the summer season arrives.

    Discovering Tortoreto, between the plain and the sea

    The city is divided between two hamlets: Tortoreto Alta and Tortoreto Lido. Tortoreto Alta, the hilly area, is certainly the part of Tortoreto richest in history and art: here is the historic center, whose original nucleus dates back to Roman times, where it is possible to admire the eighteenth-century Palazzo Comunale and a central fortress surrounded by high walls on which the magnificent one stands Clock tower, dating back to the XNUMXth century and characterized by a base of stones and bricks.

    Another historical-architectural jewel to be discovered in Tortoreto Alta is certainly the Church of the Madonna della Misericordia, built in the fourteenth century to thank the Madonna of the title for having saved the Tortoretani from a plague that struck the whole of Italy at the time, inside which it is possible to admire the different wonderful frescoes that cover the building. Also there Church of Sant'Agostino, in Baroque style, is one of the valuable sites to visit while remaining in the hamlet of Tortoreto Alta.

    Discovering Tortoreto, between the plain and the sea

    Furthermore, one cannot miss a panoramic view such as the one that allows the terrace of the Fortellezza. Located to the east of the town, it was once a military sighting point from which to check the entire coast, while today it allows you to admire the above panorama that covers the territory that goes from the Tronto river to the Tordino river.

    Overlooking the Adriatic is the other fraction of Tortoreto, the one best known - especially in the tourism sector - with the name of Tortoreto Lido, which shows a seafront, perfect for taking long walks and for those who like to keep fit by jogging, surrounded by palm trees (and lots of greenery) and with the bicycle path, which extends from Giulianova to Alba Adriatica.

    Discovering Tortoreto, between the plain and the sea

    Many are the beaches present, even if the sea didn't really impress me, not that it was really dirty but not even crystalline. Naturally there are also many clubs, especially those dedicated to seafood specialties, and hotels (a tip? Hotel Palace, excellent cuisine and rather low cost hotel being a three star hotel).

    The only flaw is that in the evening Tortoreto does not offer many opportunities for recreation, so nightlife lovers would do better to move around, for example Giulianova or Alba Adriatica. From Tortoreto, among other things, you can take the opportunity to make trips to the neighboring municipalities, such as Ascoli Piceno, Monteprandone or others.

    Discovering Tortoreto, between the plain and the sea

    Definitely, Tortoreto Lido it is an excellent location for those who love sun, beaches, sports, tranquility and… fish.

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