Cervo: a beautiful village in western Liguria

When it comes to the Liguria, there is always a feud between those who are supporters of Get the Funds! (especially the Lombards) and some of the Ponente (the Piedmontese); I am careful not to take a stand, but I can certainly tell you that Cervo is my favorite place, a country almost out of time!

I was there for the first time in 2014, and from there it was love right away. I spent a whole summer there and I was able to really explore every corner of the village and its surroundings.

Cervo is located near the most famous Alassio e Diano Marina, in the west of Liguria precisely. It is a medieval village with a long history (it was inhabited since prehistoric times) perched right above the sea, and has been reviewed among the Most beautiful villages in Italy. Compared to the rest of Liguria, Cervo is a decidedly relaxed country, not very chaotic, and you can even find parking!

It is a village made up of alleys and beautiful buildings that flow into the beautiful square of the Church of San Giovanni Battista (from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea!). In this square every year the Strega Prize is awarded, and in the summer months it is the theater of the International Chamber Music Festival..mica pizza and figs in short!

The ideal is to come to Cervo at least for a weekend, sleep in one of the few (me beautiful!) B & Bs, eat in one of the few (but very good and gourmet) restaurants and go to the sea on foot on the town beach or on the rocks of the Porteghetto. You won't even feel like you're in Liguria!

If you have more days, based in Cervo, you can go to Alassio (especially if you are looking for nightlife and movement), a Bussana Vecchia (a city abandoned after an earthquake and converted by hundreds of artists), a Imperia, the Finalborgo, or to eat in one of the many restaurants in the hinterland (see in the paragraph below).


Where sleeping in Cervo

There are no hotels in Cervo (classically understood), but only B&B or guest houses and this makes it a truly intimate and relaxing place. However, the offer is quite high and is distributed between the village and the surrounding areas.

  • Cà del Pescatore: a beautiful apartment just outside the village, but a stone's throw from both the beach and the historic center. Very quiet, with garden, bbq and sea view.
  • Echo of the Sea: very nice structure in the center of the village. Recently refurbished, each room has its own private terrace with sweeping views of the sea, the castle and the hills. A little gem!
  • La Strelitzia Apartments: beautiful newly built apartments a few steps from both the sea and the Borgo. They have a nice garden and especially the garage (priceless here!).
  • Cà dell'Acciuga: a fantastic accommodation with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. The location is excellent, a stone's throw from both the beach and the village. Ideal for those who want tranquility

Where to eat in Cervo

  • San Giorgio restaurant: historic restaurant, which was also starred in the past. It is accessed right from the castle square. It is a really very good restaurant, with an incredible view over the village and the bay. It also has two guest suites
  • La Mandragola: My favorite restaurant in Cervo; it has few seats (some even outdoors) and you always eat excellent fresh fish (both raw and cooked). Always ask for the specials of the day! The portions are very generous, so .. eye when you order! Stuffed sardines are a must have that cannot be given up!
  • Ristorante Bellavista: the restaurant of the homonymous inn. You can eat both on the terrace and in the garden. Good quality / price ratio
  • Serafino Restaurant: Another historic restaurant in Cervo, an institution! It also has a bar, with a wonderful terrace overlooking the sea. Homemade ice cream .. great!

Where to eat around Cervo (Diano, Alassio ...)

  • Candidollo Restaurant (Diano Borello): this restaurant deserves and deserves! You don't even have to order, you sit down and a riot of appetizers begins to arrive, followed by 3 first and 3 second courses. Excellent typical Ligurian cuisine!
  • Ancient Oil Mill Censin da Bea (Borgomaro): truly beautiful location for this restaurant which is located in an old converted oil mill. Here, too, you have to arrive on an empty stomach; as soon as you sit down, unlimited food of excellent quality begins to arrive. Stra- recommended !!
  • Pizzeria La Lanterna (Alassio): an excellent pizzeria with tables almost on the sand, just below the bastion. Great atmosphere and good food (in addition to pizza you can also find a couple of first courses and a couple of seconds).
  • Osteria i Matetti (Alassio): A good historic tavern in Alassio; here you can eat all the typical Ligurian dishes at a very competitive price. Book several days in advance!
  • People of the Sea Restaurant (Bussana): fish restaurant right on the Bussana beach; a cheap place where you can eat excellent fresh fish
  • Black Cuttlefish Restaurant (Imperia): this restaurant in Borgo Felice, right in front of the marina, is very nice and you eat very good fish.

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