Camino de Santiago: everything you need to know

Camino de Santiago in Spain, all you need to know before leaving for your great adventure: how to get there, where to sleep and how to organize yourself in the best possible way and in a practical way.

Usually a holiday means relaxation and rest but every now and then you need to stretch your legs. And what's better than a good path? I chose the classic and famous Santiago's walk. Walk with me, I will give you some advice on before, during and after.

Camino de Santiago: everything you need to know

Santiago's walk

The first thing you normally look for when deciding to embark on a journey is flight. But for the Way, two things must be chosen first: how many days you want to walk e where you want to start from. We opted for the last 120 kilometers, very feasible in just one week which was our time available.
Furthermore, being the first experience, we chose this route to savor the arrival in Santiago and to receive the "Compostela". It is a document that certifies that the Way has been traveled and is received upon arrival in Santiago after having covered at least the last 110 kilometers.

Very important thing before departure you must have the Credential. It's like a passport where the stamps will be affixed in various places along the route to certify that the journey has actually been made. This document can be requested from bodies and associations authorized to issue it. We cannot leave out the one that will represent the closest travel companion to you: the backpack. Yep, you have to think that you carry it on your shoulders every day, so make it as light as possible.

Camino de Santiago: everything you need to know

How to get there and take the Camino de Santiago

Once the bureaucratic part is finished and the path is decided, we think about practical things: the flight. There are various low cost airlines offering connections to Spain. We have to do the last kilometers of the journey landed in Santiago and from there we moved by bus, and of course on foot!

The stages of the Camino de Santiago

As for the stages, everyone can choose them to their liking. The kilometers to travel are chosen based on your training and above all according to the accommodations that are there. Our stops were at least 20 kilometers a day and wanting to feel 100% pilgrims, we opted for pilgrims' hotels. Don't worry, if you have time and decide to take the last part of the Way, the stages can also be a little shorter. This is because there is no problem finding places to stay and eat. Importantly, enjoy every step. Yes it is important to arrive but it is even more beautiful to enjoy every moment that you will spend along the Way.

Camino de Santiago: everything you need to know

Where to sleep on the Camino de Santiago

As mentioned above we have opted for the pilgrim's hotels. It is about fixed price hostels and economic managed by volunteers. They open at 13.00 and at and at 22.30 the hour of silence begins. You have to leave them by 8.00 and you can spend there one night only. Of course you always have to present the credential, without which it is not possible to stay in this type of structure.

The downside of these hostels in the last stretch is that they are not equipped with a kitchen with dishes and pots. So it can be a problem for those on a low budget and maybe used to manage themselves along the previous stretch of the Camino. Do not worry if these are fully booked, or if you are looking for some more comfort, there is a wide choice of accommodation: hotels, b & bs and farmhouses are at your disposal. Obviously you will have to plan to spend some extra money.

What to eat on the Camino de Santiago

We are struggling so a good meal does not take away anyone. As previously mentioned, the pilgrim's hotels on the last stretch are not equipped with cooking utensils. So the supermarkets were right for us. Sandwiches stuffed like it's raining. But nothing has stopped us from enjoying even a few tapa in traditional bars Spanish and the famous Galician octopus in a comfortable restaurant. For those who are tired of eating sandwiches along the way, all the places offer the Pellegrino menu. This consists of first course, second course, dessert and drink. At a great price: between 8 and 12 euros. Obviously, the dessert cannot be missing. Here you must try the typical and famous Tarta di Santiago, a delicious almond cake.

I hope I have intrigued you a little bit and that you want to try this slow and spectacular journey.

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