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Where is Bomarzo

Bomarzo is a small town of about 1900 inhabitants which is located in Lazio in province of Viterbo.

This fascinating and intriguing village it is located in the heart of the Tuscia Laziale between the valley of Tevere river and the extreme slopes of the Cimini Mountains on the border withUmbria.

Bomarzo what to see

Bomarzo It is one of most known historical centers of Lazio for its incredible historical and cultural beauty (in ancient times it was an integral part of the Papal State).

Il historical center of Bomarzo it has a decidedly medieval feel to it and hosts churches e monuments of great historical importance.

Here's what to see and which ones are the biggest places of interest in Bomarzo:

Where to eat in Bomarzo

Bomarzo Palazzo Orsini

Built between 1525 and 1583, the Palazzo Orsini was defined as a gioiello d'arte rinascimentale composed of two buildings that house some frescoes of the school of Pietro da Cortona.

This enchanting structure born in the highest part of village and its realization is to be attributed to the figure of Pierfrancesco II ditto Vicino Orsini that was it lord of Bomarzo from the 1542 1585.

Very beautiful and suggestive to visit, inside, are the ancient stables, cellar and panoramic terrace overlooking the whole village and on the countryside surrounding.

Etruscan Pyramid or Sasso del Predicatore

La Etruscan Pyramid or Sasso del Pedicatore di Bomarzo it's a huge one boulder which plays a pyramidal altar which is in a called area


This imposing boulder has been worked up to obtain one flight of steps of 26 steps leading to two intermediate altars until you get to 'main altar located on top of the boulder and, according to the story, was the place of worship of the Etruscans during the seventh century BC

Necropolis of Santa Cecilia Bomarzo

Immersed in the rent woods of Bomarzo lies the mysterious Church and Necropolis of Santa Cecilia.

Here you can admire many anthropomorphic tombs which have been carved directly into the rock and are covered with moss.

Monte Casoli Nature Reserve

La Monte Casoli di Bomarzo Nature Reserve it covers over 290 hectares of land and hosts many archaeological finds dating back toEtruscan period.

Park of the Monsters

Within this suggestive reserve you can stroll in boschi hosting a plant species it's a fauna of all respect and you can admire the woolly hawk, Virgilian oak and numerous species of orchid.

Bomarzo Park of Monsters

Il Park of the Monsters of Bomarzo o Villa of Wonders o Sacred Wood is a natural park adorned with sculptures dating back to the sixteenth century that portray divinity, monsters e mythological animals.

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Bomarzo pictures

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