Baratti and Milan in Turin in Piazza Castello, an elite bar

Il Caffè Baratti & Milan is one of the oldest and most prestigious historical places in Turin, located in the central Piazza Castello.

When I went to this café, I immediately asked myself the origin of the name that would suggest a bar in Milan. Instead Baratti & Milano its name a two confectioners, Ferdinando Baratti and Edoardo Milano, who moved to Turin in 1858, opened a confectionery and pastry shop in via Dora Grossa 43, destined to become one of the most renowned brands in the Piedmontese and Italian confectionery industry. Given the success, in 1875 Baratti & Milano decided to move to the center, to the premises in the brand new Galleria Subalpina, just inaugurated. The restaurant soon became a coveted meeting place for the bourgeoisie and its success grew to the point of receiving the qualification of "Official supplier company of the Royal House".

The restaurant is elegant, with mirrors, marble, bronze, gilding and stucco. Here you can easily enter just to have a look or to have a coffee standing up. The place is very large. You will also be able to sit easily, but if you take something, know that the prices are not very low. Over the bicerin, a cupcake with walnuts it's a chocolate baratti and milan with hazelnuts and mountain cream. All for the modest sum of around ten euros. Not a lot but not a little, for once it can be done.

Personally I recommend it and I find it better than the famous Bicerin, in which there is a lot of queue and it is difficult to sit down, for me better Baratti & Milano.

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