B&B Day, a free night in a b & b in Italy

Yes, you read that correctly, one night in a bed and breakfast in Italy for free. Like every year, this year too the B&B Day takes place in March and promises all tourists to take advantage of two nights in the bed and breakfasts participating in the initiative and pay only one.

The idea of ​​the B&B Day is to introduce the way to travel bb, the hospitality of a family and the genuineness of sleeping in a large and intimate house with breakfast together. You will not be prisoners of a family, but who often uses the b & b as travel method he recommends this way of traveling more and more.

The b & b does not necessarily mean spending more, but it means intimacy and a direct relationship with the "hosts" who live with you in the house. Usually for guests we reserve a separate floor or an outbuilding, someone offers a garden or a balcony at the top of the house where you can sunbathe on the best days, but everyone, absolutely everyone, offers the breakfast included in the price.

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