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Dublin local information

After having been to Dublin for several years, due to my work, I would like to give those who intend to visit this fantastic city some useful advice on clubs, pubs, restaurants and hotels to choose if you want to save while not giving up the quality of service.

I'll give you some useful tips to direct you to the best of Dublin: the best entertainment, the best food and the best hotels. Here is my advice, enclosed in a sort of "guide".

Dublin is known as the youngest city in Europe, and obviously the hub of entertainment is the pubs, where you can drink, eat, listen to great live music, meet, dance, and so on.

The heart of Dublin in the evening is Temple Bar: historic street in the city center, parallel to the river, is a real temple of nightlife and a very lively meeting place. here you can also move to the area near Grafton street, just further south.

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The most animated evening is by far that of Friday, followed by Saturday.

The night at the Pub starts already at 7 pm, there people have a completely different rhythm of life, and usually ends between 23.30 pm and 24.30 pm.

When in Spain you are about to go out, in Ireland it is as if it were already 2 or 3 in the morning.

Beware that in Pubs there is a strict age limit of 21 which is strictly enforced.

As mentioned, the pub area is Temple Bar, where you are spoiled for choice.

I recommend visiting the Brazen Head in Bridge Street, is the oldest pub in Dublin, also the Mulligan’s in Poolberg street, the dubliners say that the beer here is better than elsewhere, then it is Stag’s Head in Dame street, il Davy Byrne’s in Duke street and finally the McDaid located in a side street of Grafton Street.

Very nice is also the Porter House, pub in which you will not find the usual draft beers, because they are all home-grown.

In addition, this pub is spread over 4 floors with a hole in the center, in which at the height of the second there is a small stage where they play live and you can comfortably look out from any floor and watch and listen. A very "original" and rustic Pub is the celt, located in Talbot street, a side street of O'Connel Street, where there is the statue of Joyce.

Very spartan, but still not very touristy and very "ORIGINAL IRISH”With the first Irish flags, scarves, written in Gaelic, various trinkets of Celtic Glasgow, songs of struggle and looks that at first sight might seem hostile, but they are not.

I recommend visiting the The Lord Edward, in Christchurch place, Dublin 2.

It is practically located opposite Christchurch Cathedral, while the The Fibber’s in Parnell Street, often holds live concerts, rock music.

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It has a garden with a stove where you can smoke in peace and a downstairs room open on weekends with a micro-track where you can dance with the metalheads all your favorite pieces, from nirvana to rammstein through robbie williams! Just outside the center is the The Hole in the Wall, is a pub of which one of the walls is the Phoenix Park boundary wall.

It's very big, great beer, and being out of the tourist area a lot of Irish people.

If you want something more, there is the superfamous Kitchen, club founded by U2 which is located in Wellington Quay, behind Temple Bar.

The entrance is not noticeable because it is part of a hotel, even that of U2.

Here you can dance and everything but the entrance is really expensive.

Another interesting place is theIrish Film Centre, also in Temple Bar (Eustace street) where they do a lot of different screenings: films, shorts, reviews, etc. etc., admission is cheap.

Where to eat in Dublin restaurants

First of all I tell you that in most of the pubs they also cook: you will find so-called unique dishes such as Irish Steak, the classic Irish beef steak, garnished with chips and salad, but also mushrooms or onions if you want, and theIrish Stew, a lamb stew with carrots and potatoes, perhaps a little difficult to digest, or the Dublin Coddle, a very heavy stew with sausages.

A warning is a must: apparently there are no well-established times for the kitchens of the pubs, even in the same pub from one evening to the next. Generally the "evening" at the pub starts much earlier around 17.30, then around 19,00 / 19,30 / 20,00, the kitchens close.

Another possibility is to bet on breakfast which are always substantial and not excessively expensive, in fact with 4 euros you can get a plate of bacon, fried eggs, black pudding, sausage.

For an epic local-style breakfast: Lovinspoon (Frederick Street) bar frequented by locals offering full Irish breakfast for 6,50 euros including: fried egg on fried bread, baked bacon, small local sausages, black pudding e white pudding, sweet beans with tomato, grilled tomato.

However, the counter also sports other types of things to eat, including interesting cakes, so one can choose the breakfast they like best.

It is closed on Sundays! For quick lunches or snacks there are no problems.

Everywhere there are chains of all kinds and tastes.

An excellent solution are the Irish Sandwich: baguettes or wraps, filled with whatever you want, are cheap and they can be made more or less everywhere, even in supermarkets.

Those of the O'Brien chain are recommended, as well as Centra, Mace and Spar, which are found more or less everywhere scattered throughout Dublin.

If you want to avoid the chains and you want something "typical" go by GRUEL, on Dame street, more or less opposite Dublin castle.

You can eat excellent soups accompanied by black bread and dishes including salmon or vegetables if you want to sit at the 4-5 tables available, or sandwiches really all to try and take for a walk.

Do not forget i Fish & chips, even these cheap and scattered around the city. If you want to go to the oldest ever: Leo Burdock’s on Werburgh street, in the Cool area.

For lovers of the genre Mc Donald, Go to Eddie Rocket’s, you can find several throughout Ireland, one is on O'Connell Street and another on Dame Street.

It's a Peach Pit-style sandwich shop with good sandwiches, even if a little more expensive than Mc Donald's, and you see them making them for you.

For other useful information regarding Dublin, please refer to the guide "Dublin: information about places to visit and transport"

Have a good trip everyone.

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